Debra Lynn Dadd

  • Internationally known consumer advocate
  • First to speak about toxics in the national media
  • Author of the first published book on toxic chemicals in consumer products
  • 7 books about toxics in consumer products, continuously in print for 30 years
  • Largest Q&A on toxic and toxic free products: Toxic Free Q&A
  • Largest directory of websites that sell toxic free products: Debra’s List
  • Only talk radio show about toxics: Toxic Free Talk Radio
  • Most comprehensive blog about detoxing chemicals from your body: Toxic Free Body


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“The Queen of Green”
– New York Times

“A legendary green consumer activist and pioneer”
– Natural Living magazine

“The guru of nontoxic living”
– KCBS-TV News

“The godmother of natural living”
– New Age Journal (now Body & Soul)

“One of the country’s few authorities on natural and nontoxic consumer affairs”
– Boston Globe


I have been researching and writing about how toxic chemicals affect our health and how to make safer choices as consumers for more than thirty years.

When I first found out—back in 1978—that there were toxic chemicals in my own home making my body sick, I wanted to know where they were found in consumer products, how they make us sick, and how we can choose and find safe products.

I am still vitally interested in toxics today, now more than ever. We have more safe products to choose from, but also more scientific data about the dangers of the toxic chemicals that still exist in products. There is much in the news today about the dangers of toxic chemicals in consumer products. The resources I’ve put together on this website are specifically designed to help you identify and find nontoxic, natural, toxic-free, and organic products that are safe to use. See my homepage at debralynndadd.com for an overview of everything on this website.

In addition, I’ve learned that to really heal our bodies, we also need to remove the toxic chemicals that are stored within them. Today we are exposed to far more toxic substances than our bodies can process–when enough toxic chemicals build up in our bodies, illness is the result. My own experience with detoxing my body has been so successful, I started a whole new website devoted just to removing toxic chemicals from our bodies. Visit Toxic Free Body to learn more about detox.

I work so passionately in this field not because I am interested in toxic chemicals, but because I love life, and toxic chemicals inhibit, harm, and destroy life. Today, eliminating toxic chemicals from our homes and bodies is a prerequisite for good health, flourishing ecosystems, and even spiritual awareness.

Whether you are just starting out learning about toxics, or you have been living toxic-free for years, you’ll find valuable information on this website that will improve your own life and the world. Take a look!

Click on the image above to read Debra’s 15-page ebook autobiography

Debra Lynn Dadd brings more than thirty years of research and real-life experience to her work as a consumer advocate for health and the environment.

The author of Toxic Free, Debra was the first to alert consumers to the toxic chemicals present in everyday household products and reveal both the short- and long-term health effects, as well as safe alternatives. Debra was also the first to catalog nontoxic products, making them easily accessible to everyone. Her books on toxic-free living have been continuously in print since 1982.

Today Debra is still the leader in her field with her websites which address toxics in consumer products, their health effects, safe alternatives, and how to detox toxic chemicals from your body at home.

Debra lives in Clearwater, Florida.

[Click on the image below to read Debra’s 15-page ebook autobiography]


Debra was named a “leading thinker” in the book Meetings With Remarkable Men and Women, published by East West Health Books (now Natural Health magazine). Others included on the list that numbered nearly one hundred were Christiane Northrup, M.D., Frances Moore Lappe, Helen Nearing, Gloria Swanson, Andrew Weil, M.D., Louise Hay, Yoko Ono, John Denver, Salvador Dali, Roberto Rosselini, Edgar Mitchell, Wendell Berry, and Joseph Campbell.


Since 1982, Debra has been interviewed on numerous local talk and news shows in San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other major metropolitan cities. Her national appearances include the “Today” show, “Geraldo,” the “Home” show, and CNN.


Since 1982, Debra has appeared on hundreds of local radio talk shows in major markets, including “The Ronn Owens Show” on KGO radio in San Francisco, as well as other local and nationally syndicated shows across the nation. Because Debra lives her subject every day, she is ready with useful answers to callers’ questions. In December 2002, the Carey Brothers invited Debra to be a guest on their nationally syndicated (138 markets) radio talk show “On the House” for the full four hours of their Saturday morning show. The phones rang the entire four hours. The Carey Brothers said she was the second most popular guest in their entire fifteen-year history.



Articles on Debra and her work have appeared in many major magazines, including Buzzworm, East West Journal (now Natural Health), Martha Stewart’s Living, Money, Ms., Natural Health, Natural Home & Garden, New Age (now Body + Soul), New Realities, New Woman, Omni, Sierra, The Utne Reader, The Whole Earth Review, Yoga Journal, and many other publications.

1990 Yoga Journal Cover Story…”How to be an Earthwise Consumer” tells Debra’s story, from eliminating chemicals from her home to considering the environmental effects of consumer products.
1987 New Age Journal (now Body & Soul) “Homesick: The author traded toxic household products for natural alternatives and began a journey toward discovery and healing”
1987 East West Journal (now Natural Health) Cover Story… “Nontoxic & Natural: How to Avoid Dangerous Everyday Products and Find Safe Alternatives”


Virtually all the major newspapers have written stories on Debra’s work, which were then syndicated to newspapers across the country. Papers include the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free-Press, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury-News, the Los Angeles Times, the New York TimesUSA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. [articles coming]

Expert Quotes

Debra is also frequently called for expert quotes for articles on household toxics and natural products in newspapers and magazines.

2011 Self “Detoxify Your Life” is the first article to quote Debra as the author of Toxic Free.
2010 First for Women Debra gives cleaning tips.
2009 New York Times Debra advocates toxic-free mattresses.
2008 Christian Science Monitor Debra says consumers need to take responsibility and not buy toxic products.
2007 Health Debra responds to a reader’s question in the magazine’s Q&A..
1991 House Beautiful A panel discussion with Debra and other experts on environmentally sound architecture, interior design, and products.