About Live Toxic Free

This website is about discovering ways to live toxic free in all the various aspects of daily life. While we do live in a toxic world, things are changing. A way of living is emerging is going beyond toxics in many ways.

And so I want to tell you…

What Toxic Free Means to Me


  1. the damage caused by a poison


  1. not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes without hindrance or restraint
    • not subject to domination
    • not being imprisoned or enslaved
  2. not physically restrained, obstructed, or impeded
  3. (free from) not being subject to or affected by (a particular undesirable thing)
  4. (-free) not containing a specified substance
  5. having the power of self-determination—the ability to make one’s own decisions, act independently of circumstances, and dictate one’s own future


  1. an object—such as a product, a home, or a body—that does not contain toxic chemicals
  2. free from exposure to toxic chemicals
  3. free from contamination with toxic chemicals
  4. free from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals to body, mind, and spirit
  5. free from the oppression of toxic chemicals and able to manage the risks associated with them
  6. having the intent to be healthy, even while living in a toxic world

Our Toxic World

There are, literally, tons of toxic chemicals in the world—in consumer products, in your home, in your child’s school, in your workplace, in your community, and in the environment.

Each year almost 250 million tons of these chemicals are produced in the United States alone. This adds up to around 1600 pounds of chemicals—about 10 times your body weight if you weight 160 pounds—for each of the 310.9 million people in the United States.

The average American home is literally filled with products made from these inadequately tested synthetic substances; we use more chemicals in our homes today than were found in a typical chemistry lab at the turn of the century. When professionals use chemicals in industrial settings, they are subject to strict health and safety codes, yet we use some of these same chemicals at home without guidance or restriction.

As further research is done, scientists are finding that many household products we assumed to be safe are actually toxic to some degree or another. A multitude of common symptoms such as headaches and depression can be related to exposure to household toxics. Insomnia, for example, is listed in toxicology books as a common symptom from exposure to the formaldehyde resin used on your bedsheets to keep them wrinkle free. Yet, there is no regulation that requires this, or other health effects of formaldehyde, to be listed on the product label.

There is such a huge volume of toxic chemicals in the world today that there are far more than our bodies were designed to handle.

And the result is illness. Virtually every illness in every body system has now been associated with toxic chemical exposure.

From my viewpoint, toxic chemicals are not just a major contributor to ill health, they are the major contributor to ill health. They are so widespread and cause such havoc in a body, that toxic exposures should be one of the first things considered and handled as part of creating a good foundation of health. Today, more and more healthcare professionals agree.

We can be free from the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals that are so prevalent in our world. There IS something we can do about it.


When we look at the definition of freedom, we find that it means

* not to be under the control or in the power of another
* able to act as one wishes without hindrance or restraint
* not physically restrained, obstructed, or impeded
* not being subject to or affected by a particular undesirable thing

Toxic chemicals hinder and restrain our bodies, putting us under their control. They obstruct and impeded our physical and mental functions.

How can we become free of toxic chemicals?

By making our own decisions and choices, based on our own understanding and personal will to be healthy.

Freedom comes from our inner strength to think for ourselves, evaluate situations and make our own choices, rather than being swayed by public opinion, advertising or availability.

I know for myself, I am free of the negative effects of our toxic world because I could think outside the box of our industrial consumer world. I could say, wait a minute, using toxic products doesn’t lead to me being healthy or happy, and I found the ability within myself to step out of that. It was difficult. It’s hard when that world is all we know. But I, and others, have been able to envision something beyond toxic products and create that.

And that’s what my work is all about…to show that there are choices beyond the standard toxic consumer products and other ways to think about life, and other ways of being that are more life-affirming.

The Realm of Toxic-Free

When I first got the idea that I could live without toxic chemicals, my view of what that might be was very narrow. I had a lot of toxic consumer products around me and all I wanted was to find replacements for those products that were not toxic. I just wanted my same consumer products without toxic chemicals in them.

But as I continued to create my toxic-free life I began to see that the possibilities were and are a lot bigger.

Now I see the realm of toxic-free extends from industrial products made from nontoxic synthetic ingredients to natural products made from renewbale ingredients, to handmade artisan products made from local ingredients and things we can make ourselves at home.

Removing toxic chemicals can mean improving an industrial process or jumping out of the industrial-consumer world altogether and applying the laws of nature to one’s life.

Toxic-free includes any and all products and practices and ideas that are life-affirming and prosurvival.

Creating Your Own Environment

The reason toxics are a health problem today is simple:

1) we are exposed to too many toxic chemicals and
2) our bodies have too little capacity to eliminate the huge amounts of toxics we are exposed to.

To be healthy in today’s toxic world, you need to
1) reduce the amount of your toxic exposures, and
2) increase the ability of your body to process and eliminate toxic chemicals.

But it’s up to you to make that choice.

There are toxic chemicals in the environment. They can affect your health and happiness or not. You have that choice to step out of the toxic world or stay there. I started with one room. I just removed all the toxic chemicals from my bedroom so I would have a safe place to sleep. Then I created a toxic-free house. And now I want nothing less than to eliminate toxic chemicals from the world-at-large.

Ultimately for me, however, it came down to not being about toxic chemicals at all any more, but rather about creating my own standards for my life and living them. Instead of accepting the industrial consumer lifestyle, I now think outside the box and find ways to live that affirm and support life. So my interest in toxic chemicals now is not about avoiding dangers, but about choosing health and harmony and love and aliveness.

I often say that having been poisoned by toxic chemicals to the point of disability was the greatest blessing of my life, because it forced me to choose a different path. And following the path of searching for and finding that which is free from toxic effects has led me to find that which supports life.

How I Can Help You

This website has many resources that will help you make the transition to live toxic free.

A good place to start is by read my book Toxic Free. You can read the first chapter free (see the sidebar).


  1. Listen to Toxic Free Talk Radio for inspirational and informative interviews with people who are living and working toxic-free.
  2. Learn how to remove toxic chemicals that are already in your body at Toxic Free Body.
  3. Browse Debra’s List for websites that sell nontoxic products you can buy today.
  4. Read my Toxic Free Q&A blog for more information on nontoxic living. Here you can also ask any questions you have about living without toxic chemicals.
  5. Learn how to prepare delicious toxic free foods at Toxic Free Kitchen.
  6. Call me for a personal consultation. I can help you understand toxic chemicals in products and choose safer products, and I also do on-site home inspections to solve toxic problems, anywhere in the world.

Everything that is needed to create a toxic-free home is known. Everything needed to have a toxic-free body is known. Everything needed to eliminate toxic chemicals from our communities and ecosystems is known. All you need to do is learn how to live toxic free and do it.

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