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Get help from HomeLab to reduce indoor air pollution in your home. When you sign up for this service (less than $10/month) they send you an air monitor that measures four key indicators of indoor air quality: particles, VOCs, carbon dioxide, and humidity. You also get a cell phone app that shows if your air quality is in a safe range or not using red-yellow-green buttons, and a real-time graph that shows ups and downs with numeric measurements. But best of all, the fee includes access to a team of certified building biologists who are there to guide you on your journey to clean air. And as you make improvements, you’ll see your indoor air quality improving on your graph. This is an amazing tool. I got one for my home. Even though I have a base-line reading in a “healthy” range, I do see occasional spikes that I didn’t know were happening. DLDRP-logo-formalNow that I know they are there, I can investigate and improve them. If you are concerned about toxics in the air in your home, this service can give you peace of mind that everything is OK, or guide you to improve. 95% of the homes they test are out of the healthy range. Requires a cell phone and wifi read my comments about wi-fi.

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