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Prang Soybean Crayons

I have to say–I love these crayons! When I was a child, I never liked the smell of those paraffin crayons. These are made with natural, renewable soy oil instead and have no odor. They also don't flake like paraffin wax crayons do. And the colors are brilliant! AP certified non-toxic.

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Crayon Rocks

Charming nontoxic soy wax crayons in beautiful colors, made in the shape of pebbles. Slight indentations allow small fingers to color in large, wide strokes. Designed to strengthen the tripod drip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for pen and pencil use. Specially designed to help children with fine motor disorders to improve their tripod grip. I really like these colors and the fact that that the pebble shape allows you to fill areas with color in fine or bold strokes. Much more versatile artistically than a stick crayon and they feel natural in your hand.

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