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HoBo Ties

A delightful collection of natural fiber bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, cummerbunds and suspenders for men and boys. “All of our products are created with carefully chosen materials. We source professional hardware to use on our products that are made right here in the USA. Our fabrics are almost always cotton I saw a natural linen tie and sometimes we make specialty silk bow ties.

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Red Clouds Collective

Clothing, bags, and accessories made with all natural materials and exceptional craftsmanship. “Our products are born from necessity. Each one is thoughtfully designed to make life a little easier, and they’re all built to last a lifetime.”MATERIALS: Vegetable Tanned Leather from Hermann Oak—a St. Louis, Missouri-based tannery that has been tanning leather using extracts of tree bark in the traditional method since 1881. Waxed Canvas from Fairfield Textile, a specialized American manufacturer based in Bridgeton, New Jersey that has been crafting fabric since 1838. Selvage Denim from Cone Mills’ White Oak Plant in North Carolina, woven on vintage 1940s fly-shuttle looms that give each piece of fabric a unique depth and dimension.”

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Human Revolution Clothing

Organic t-shirts and casual clothing for women and men. “Human Revolution Clothing is a social, economic, environmental and LOVE centered clothing company that is passionate about and dedicated to changing the way clothing is made seed to shirt! Our clothing is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton that is GMOfree & FairTrade. It is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), USDA & Fair Trade certified.”

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Criquet Shirts

Super soft 100% organic cotton shirts for men, created by two friends. “In 2010, after lamenting the loss of great and hard-to-replace polo shirts of years past, we set out on the quest to find the perfect shirt.Guided by memories of our very first collared shirts from early days in prep school, and by well-worn hand-me-downs from dads, uncles and others, we spared no effort to find it. In the end, unable to track down this elusive prize, we did what any two enterprising young men would do. We set out to design it and make it on our own. ”

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Shop Fog Linen

Beautiful, simple products for daily use made from linen. Created by a Japanese designer, the pieces have a an Asian sensibility, made from western fabric. They have everything from table and kitchen linens to bed linens and bath towels, plus loose linen clothing and even linen slippers! Mostly neutral colors, some patterns, some colorful surprises. “We just want to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product. Our motto: Live with linen. Every day.

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Clothing for women (plus shirts for men) all made of linen, sizes XS-XXL sizes. Loose-fitting and tailored styles, casual and dressy. One thing they have that I can never find in stores is 100% linen unlined jackets. Lots of loose-fitting tops some with embroidered details. Lovely dresses. Plus sizes have their own flattering designs.

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Tuckerman & Co.

Men’s dress shirts±long-staple organic cotton, the world’s finest Italian mills, quality craftsmanship backed by 80 years experience. Made in New England. Tuckerman was created for a simple but powerful reason: we were frustrated trying to find high quality clothing that we felt good about. Most of what was available on the rack or in stores just wasn’t very well made and didn’t last very long. Curious by nature, we started asking questions, and the more we learned the less we liked it. There had to be a better way. Our approach has been to try and reimagine clothing the way that it should be made. We have a bias toward the timeless over the fleeting. We believe in using the finest materials and partnering with those who take genuine pride in their work. We have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and wherever possible use less harmful materials over their conventional counterparts. Together, we believe these all make for a better product.

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