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Babies & Kids | Diapers

Firefly Diapers

A natural fiber diapering company with special attention to purity and sustainability of materials. Their quick-dry diapers (with “wings” to help them dry in one short cycle) are made in the USA with 100% organic cotton. The wool use to make their wool changing mats, crib-size puddle pads, and twin-size mattress pads is Cradle to Cradle(CM) certified for eco-efficiency. Their great page on Artificial Materials and Cloth Diapering shows they have really done their homework on choosing materials.

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Organic Grace

Just about everything you might need for your baby, chosen to be safe by a real mother for her baby. Crib and mattresses, bedding, glass bottles, cloth diapers, baby blankets and clothes, herbal products, dolls, teethers, toys, pactifiers, pillows, and more–all made from nontoxic, natural, and organic materials. Even organic cotton baby carriers!

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This website is dedicated to cloth diapers, so they have a ton of information and products to make your cloth diapering experience a success. They explain all the different types of cloth diapers, home many to buy, how to fold a diaper, and anything else you might need to know about diapering. Products include resuable cotton diapers made from bleached, unbleached and organic cotton. Plus diaper covers, wipes, liners and all the accessories.

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The Diaper Jungle

Everything you could ever need to know about cloth diapers. "Our mission is two-fold. We want to help moms learn about the benefits and advantages of using cloth diapers. We want them to know with no uncertainty that using cloth diapers is convenient, cost effective, healthier for their children, and better for the environment." A great resource if you are using or in the process of choosing cloth diapers.

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