Artisan-crafted shoes for babies and kids, handmade from natural materials since 1985. Each and every one of them particularly unique. “We have the most flexible kids shoes – made with natural crepe rubber sole…Our children’s shoes are made without any thermoforming plastics…which allows the leather to take the shape of the foot, without constricting the toes and inhibiting the natural foot development. All of our shoes are made in USA with quality materials from US and Europe. Natural crepe rubber – Hevea treeWe believe in using as many natural or organic products as possible. We produce no chemical waste, donate our 2nds and scrap leather, and keep a low stock since our products are made to order. The soles on our rubber soled shoes are made from the sap of the Hevea tree. The rubber is tapped in a process similar to maple sugaring, preserving the life of the tree. This sustainable method of soling is ecologically superior to other companies’ who use petroleum based plastics and rubber. All of our leather is a byproduct of animals that have been raised for the meat. The animals have not been hunted or raised for their skin. Our leathers are high quality top-grain, suede, metallic, patent, and nubuck…All our leathers are formaldehyde free.”

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