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Bohemian Beetnik

Handcrafted cosmetics and skin care made with botanical colors like beets and hibiscus. “So natural, you could eat it! All handcrafted and made in my own kitchen. I use my own recipes, not from a pre-made base. Our products do not contain chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, or synthetic chemicals. No mineral colorants here either! Only pure fruits & vegetables, herbs & spices, and oils & butters. Organic ingredients used whenever possible!”

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Vintner’s Daughter

A super-potent active botanical skin serum made from “the finest natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients from conscious growers around the world … While researching her ever more complicated skincare regimen, winery owner, April Gargiulo realized that almost all of her highly touted skincare products contained high levels of ineffective, toxic fillers. As she researched more and discovered the cumulative damage these chemicals have on our systems, April sought out toxin free alternatives…Committed to creating the most active, luxurious serum possible, April began a 2 year-long research and formulation process. Drawing from her experience in fine winemaking, April, alongside natural skincare veterans set out to create a “hero” formulation that would address all of her skincare needs—everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne to elasticity and general radiance. Much like the fine winemaking process, Vintner’s Daughter begins by sourcing the world’s finest raw ingredients and honors these ingredients through an exacting and time-honored formulation process. The result is Active Botanical Serum, a powerful, multi-correctional serum for face that has earned a cult status the world over.

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Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company

A large selection of body care products—including soaps, face and lip care, shampoo bars, and bug repellant—made from “certified organic ingredients–herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruits, sustainable oils and butters and pure essential oils to create fresh, wholesome products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet.” The company is certified organic as well as the ingredients.


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I tried this oil for hair, skin and nails and it improved my hair with one drop. It’s made from three ancient oils—buckthorn, macula and baobab—each cold-pressed, wildcrafted, organic, non-GMO. Each bottle is hand blended by an organic hairdresser with over 30 years in the industry. This is very potent!


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Wild Hill Botanicals

A skincare line based on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. “Our connection to this landscape and our ongoing study of the amazing botanicals it has to offer has been the inspiration for our formulations. We believe that organic is just plain better. Organic ingredients have been shown to be higher in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Wild plants are known to contain many molecules not present in their domesticated cousins. This core value of bringing together organic and sustainably harvested wild ingredients serves not only your skin, but also the greater environment, which we take very much to heart. We focus on growing organic herbs on our farm in East Sooke, using the freshest organic oils and house made hydrosols to craft products that are amazing, completely natural and inspired by the landscape of this beautiful coast. We take pride at Wild Hill in creating each of our products in small batches by hand to ensure freshness and quality control. We think that skincare and bath rituals should be a gratifying and important part of self-care in everyone’s day. Love yourself, take some downtime from this hectic world, and absorb the power of nature.”

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Tastyface Organics

Simple organic skin care. “I started doggedly searching for skincare that I really wanted: TRULY clean, pure, awesome skincare that still do the heavy lifting of cleansing, moisturizing, refining, and beautifying. But without the unnecessary and potentially harmfully side effects of those “other” ingredients. Super tough to find what I wanted. So I got to work!  A multitude of research, consulting with amazing experts including our amazing esthetician Marica, and crazy long hours in the TASTYFACE kitchen.  And so, our little skincare baby was born. TASTYFACE Organics are healthy, clean, powerful products with absolutely ZERO chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, dairy, gluten, soy and ingredients you can’t pronounce.  We believe that shorter shelf life is a GOOD thing.  And if you love our products as much as we think you will, you will use them way faster than any expiration date.” What more can I say? Read their ingredients.

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Thirteen Organics

Natural-scent skin care and deodorant products. “Thirteen Organics only uses all natural and organic ingredients sourced locally and globally. We do not use artificial colouring or synthetic fragrances – our products are either naturally scented or coloured with what nature provided. Our products are scented with strictly premium organic essential oils, and we only use key ingredients – no unnecessary fillers. We produce quality hand crafted products in small batches…The need to start taking a totally natural approach to skin care was apparent. It was frustrating trying to find products out there that were 100% natural and effective, so our founder started handcrafting it herself so that she actually knew what was in her products… no looking back since. We have created our own gorgeous line of products to help you take back control of your skin.”

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Zosimos Botanicals

“Our skilled Artisans handcraft mineral makeup and natural skincare in a 100% wind-powered studio. Healthful cosmetics are mindfully created in small batches using pure mica, certified organic essential oils, waxes, herbs, certified organic fruit extracts and floral waters. Zosimos Botanicals gives you the absolute freshest nontoxic cosmetics possible…we are dedicated to reducing our customers dependence on chemical exposure “ Make-up, hair care, skin care. Trial sizes available.

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“Northlore specializes in botanical body care products handmade in small batches from wildcrafted, homegrown, and organic ingredients. The botanical ingredients in our products are carefully selected for their cosmetic and medicinal properties and wildcrafted from the prairie wilderness and our homegrown herb gardens. Our products are made with a nod to the lore of this Northern land, using traditional methods and natural, true scents that recall aspen bluffs, coniferous forests, and meadows filled with sagebrush. These are wildcrafted goods for wild, Northern souls.”

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