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Most Modest

Power strips in unfinished solid wood housings. “a new power solution that considers where and how people use power today. A functional wood form combined with a one of a kind knitted mesh power cable, Niko adds an element of fun to any environment.” Comes in several styles and cord colors.

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Conway Electric

Modern, powerful, electrical extensions that are safer and more stylish than your power strip. The square cast-aluminum housing is grounded, fire-resistant, and powder-coated in colors. And the cords are cloth-covered, not plastic. You can also buy the made-in-USA cord by the foot (only $1!).


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A gadget that will measure how much energy each electrical product uses so you can find out how efficient (or wasteful) they really are. Just plug it into a three-prong grounded wall outlet, plug the item into the meter, then use the product and read the energy usage in the LCD window.

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