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This small-batch butter is made with “patiently-cultured cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows with no added flavoring. We go big, but only in taste. Everything else is small, simple and slow.” Salted with sea salt, lightly salted, unsalted, or flavored with combinations like balsamic fig with caramelized onion.


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Real Milk

Learn all about real milk as nature intended it to be–pasture-fed, unprocessed, and full-fat. Read why this is the healthiest milk and where to buy it (it's probably not in your local store).

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Organic Valley Farms

No online ordering, but site includes a local store finder. Premium certified organic dairy products, eggs, juice, soy and meats, widely distributed (even in supermarkets). "We are the only organic brand to be solely owned and operated by organic farmers. Part of our success is due to the fact that as farmer-owners, we pay ourselves a stable, equitable and sustainable pay price. In an era of rising and falling agricultural prices, the family farmers who produce our organic milk, juice, eggs, meat, and produce can rely on a stable, living wage to stay in business in their home regions." Common practices of Organic Valley farmers include humane treatment of animals (access to the outdoors, fresh air, pure water, sunshine and exercise), rotational grazing, pasturing animals, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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The #1 site for grass-fed food and facts. Provices information (including scientific references) about and sources for natural and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry, pork and dairy products. Their state-by-state guide Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers list more than 800 farms in the United States and Canada. To be listed, producers must certify that they meet the Eatwild criteria, ensuring that the animals and the land are well-treated and that the products are exceptionally high in nutrition and are free of antibiotics and added hormones. Many of the farms are organically certified; others lack certification, but follow many of the organic standards. State-by-state includes local farmers markets, stores, restaurants or buying clubs that feature grass-fed meat and dairy products.

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