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Butcher Box

butcherbox-200100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken and Heritage Breed pork delivered directly to your door for about $6 per serving. Your order arrives in cooler with a note from the butcher describing the cuts of meat and the farms that raised them. I have to say, I ordered a box and the quality of the meat was way above and beyond what I can buy at my local natural food stores or butchers. It’s the best-tasting meat I’ve ever eaten. Really. Just delicious. I’m going to continue to order from them. You buy a box on a subscription basis (1, 2 or 3 month delivery). Choose the all-beef box, or beef in various combinations with pork and chicken. You can also add on extras like sugar-free Paleo bacon, burgers, and ground beef, and change your order any time. “The beef is sourced from a collection of small grass-fed farms. It’s of the utmost quality and tastes incredible. The taste is attributed to our special ButcherBox blend of grasses.”

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Artisan cured meats, fresh sausages, and cooked specialties made with “sustainably raised, heritage-breed pork, Italian sea salt, and the freshest spices with the rarest ingredient of all: time. Our small-batch, hands-on methods and traditional cold curing techniques can take up to ten times longer than other producers’. Why sacrifice efficiency? Because taking our time lets us focus every step of our process on a single goal: great taste. Fine salumi are more than mere salted meats. At their best, salumi connect us to the earth, reveal the essence of the whole animal, demonstrate respect for our ancestors, and inspire our humanity.” I discovered this place while on a trip to San Francisco, and it is absolutely the best. Truly a labor of love. Read their website to learn more about their philosophy of food.

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Eel River Organic Beef

Premium cuts of certified organic, grassfed beef. "To be certified organic, all animals must be certified organic. Our brood stock are certified organic, our bulls and cows are certified organic. All animals are birthed organic. All feed must be certified organic to include pastures, hay and any grain. Our land and everything the cattle are fed are certified organic. Our beef cattle are completely free of steroids, antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified foods."

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The #1 site for grass-fed food and facts. Provices information (including scientific references) about and sources for natural and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry, pork and dairy products. Their state-by-state guide Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers list more than 800 farms in the United States and Canada. To be listed, producers must certify that they meet the Eatwild criteria, ensuring that the animals and the land are well-treated and that the products are exceptionally high in nutrition and are free of antibiotics and added hormones. Many of the farms are organically certified; others lack certification, but follow many of the organic standards. State-by-state includes local farmers markets, stores, restaurants or buying clubs that feature grass-fed meat and dairy products.

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Dakota Beef

100% pure Certified Organic Beef. "Our cattle are never administered antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones, and are fed a strict vegetarian diet that never contains any animal by-products…Dakota Beef's breeding stock is 100% beef cattle. We never use Holstein or Dairy Cattle…Calves in our program are born after their mothers have been moved to certified organic pasture and are raised on their mothers milk. As they grow, they are fed an all-vegetarian diet of certified organic grains and grass. You can be assured that Dakota Beef products are free from BSE." Be sure to click on the "About Dakota Beef" tab to read all the details of how their beef is produced.

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Baldwin Charolais Beef

Grass-fed, all natural, pesticide-free beef. "Charolais is one of the oldest beef cattle breeds in the world. It originated in the Charolles and Nieve sections of France. The registration books go back to the 1500's. We selected the breed almost 40 years ago due to its meat quality, its natural leanness and its excellent performance in converting grass into remarkable lean beef." Order individual cuts, sampler packages, or half and whole sides.

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