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Vermont Cedar Chairs

Beautiful, rustic cedar chairs, made with every part of sustainably harvested white cedar trees. Naturally rot-resistant manila fibers are used to lash wood pieces together. No finishes whatsoever. “Our goal is to create products that no one has ever seen before. We want to erase the line between form and function until it does not exist.” Their innovative seats are made from branches lashed together so they float in the frame like a rope bridge over a river. Truly a unique, well-designed, stylish, and least-toxic chair.

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The Woodshaper Shop of Maine

“Where wood is shaped into treasured creations for the home and garden.” Their “refined rustic furniture” for the garden is durable and affordable, made of “native white cedar and are true Maine Made quality.” Their classic wooden toys give a creative alternative to video games. “Made of pine and finished with a beeswax and citrus sealer, Woodshaper Shop toys are safe and durable.”

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Reforest Teak

Teak outdoor furniture with exceptionally aesthetic design, made from teak harvested from "sustainably managed hardwood plantations that are returning abandoned cattle pastures to ecological productivity. Our ecological reforestation work also helps to combat global warming by facilitating essential carbon offset sequestration opportunities. Our plantations in Costa Rica are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) through the SmartWood program of the Rainforest Alliance, assuring our customers that our forest plantations are managed sustainably and in a way that respects the present and future needs of neighboring communities."

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