Eclectic Institute

Quality herbs and supplements created by a naturopathic physician. “We start and end with whole, raw herbs. We start by growing herbs on our 90 acre certified organic farm, and then use freeze-drying to remove only the water. The end product is the whole herb in its original form still raw, intact, viable, and retaining the benefits of the fresh herb just as Mother Nature intended. We don’t believe in harsher forms of processing such as air or spray drying, chemical extraction, or standardized extracts which alter whole herbs, potentially excluding or destroying active constituents. Nestled at the base of Mt. hood in the pristine Oregon countryside, our family owned 90 acre certified organic farm is a leader in organic farming practices, utilizing crop rotation, mulching, composting, beneficial animal and insect allies, as well the naturally occurring rich volcanic soil. Eclectic Institute is devoted to researching and saving endangered herbs, and dedicates resources to growing many varieties of rare plants.”

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Khroma Herbal Products

 All organic herbal health products in glass bottles. “Because we love our planet (and our customers), we only use organic ingredients…We do not package any of our products in plastic and we don’t use any artificial coloring, preservatives, or dyes. It’s pure natural goodness…Every product we sell is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards for purity and potency. ”

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healthlabs-2Offers lab tests without requiring a doctor’s prescription. You order the tests online or by phone, then take your receipt to one of 2000+ local labs, where your blood is drawn. Get results within 3 business days. Tests include Allergy Testing, Anemia, Anti-Aging / Hormones, Arthritis, Blood Typing, Cancer, Cardiac / Cholesterol, Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Drugs, Fertility, Gastrointestinal, General Health / Wellness, Heavy Metals / Toxins, Hepatitis, Immunity Detection, Kidney (Renal) Function, Liver Function, Military Testing, Pregnancy / Prenatal, Prostate, Sports Testing, STD Testing, Thyroid, andVitamin & Nutritional Testing.

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Berry Good Organics

Kits to make organic elderberry syrup, an all-natural traditional remedy proven to work. “Contrary to other elderberry kits, mine are infused with all natural, organic ingredients that enhance its function. With added bonuses such as Organic ginger root, Organic clove, Organic goji berries, Organic turmeric powder, Organic cinnamon, and Organic star anis, mixed with the infamous dried elderberries, you will enjoy a flu free season. My kits are easy to prepare, and are effective for children and adults of all ages. I am proud to offer an organic and powerful alternative medicine that should be a staple in every household.”

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Mountain Maus Remedies

Loose leaf teas, bulk herbs, essential oils and hydrosols, herbal tinctures, and various natural body care products made from organic ingredients. “Our herbs are all grown organically, cultivated without the use of pesticides, fertilized with organic manure from our own chickens, rabbits and little kinder goats, and the water used is from our private well which is sustained by the Nisqually River. Only 20 miles upriver is where the Nisqually begins, at the Nisqually Glacier which is located on the south side of Mount Rainier. Our method of using organic rich soil, choosing to use companion plants instead of pesticides and pure glacier water to grow our herbs, plants and flowers, may be more labor intensive, but it takes a far less toll on our environment. Through soil building, crop rotation, careful harvesting and proper composting, all of which are sustainable agricultural practices, the end result is well worth it, not to mention the product is much healthier for our bodies. All of our products are hand picked, dried, meticulously analyzed, tested for freshness, aroma and taste before we package and deliver to you. ”

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A pharmacy with a natural twist, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy has offered traditional pharmacy services alongside holistic remedies since 2000. Their staff of certified practitioners help guide customers through an extensive selection of alternative remedies, natural cosmetics and body care products. They also provide “easy access to credentialed pharmacists, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, herbalists and more so you can achieve good health without an appointment, insurance or headache.” They carry professional grade supplements that can only be sold with professional health advice. “We believe that personal health is connected to environmental health. We ensure our stores are environmentally friendly by buying wind power offsets, installing recycled carpet and offering organic and sustainably harvested products.” I had the pleasure of visiting a Pharma store when I was in San Francisco and spent a long time browsing.

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Evan’s Garden

Natural skin care, mineral makeup, bodycare, herbal remedies, and household cleaners…all handcrafted by Evan in small, fresh batches. Skin and body care and remedies are made with her own “powerfully effective” formulations are made with live plants, pure essential oils, skin-rejuvenating anti-oxidants, and the raw material which bees make royal jelly from, containing all-known nutrients in whole plant form. Care is taken to preserve the aliveness of the ingredients. “In every case where I am able to locate superior ingredients I buy those. This refers to: plants, oils, essential oils, herbs, etc., that were organically grown or biodynamically grown (where the soil is very rich with nutrients and the organisms like worms that ought to be there in it and many old, proven farming techniques are employed). I look for oils that are unrefined, cold-pressed and not heated (over about 105 degrees). I also look into the issue of picked when ripe.”

Listen to my interview with Evan’s Garden Founder and owner Evan Symonds.

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Direct Laboratory Services

Offers lab tests without requiring a doctor’s prescription. You order the tests online, then take your receipt to a local lab, where your blood is drawn. Get results online in 48 hours or have them mailed to you. Tests include ALCAT, Alcoholism, Allergies, Anemia, Amino Acids, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Comprehensive Wellness Profile, Colon, Drug Screen, Food Allergies, Hair Elements, Homocysteine, Organic acids, Prostate, VAP Cholesterol Test, and more.

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