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Green Building Supply

green building supplyThis site sells ONLY flooring that is non-toxic and safe for the environment. All are made with no added urea formaldehyde in the adhesives and zero VOCs in the finishes. Most have third party certification and comply with European standards and exceed CARB2. In addition, all (except the wool) are made from sustainably harvested forests, many are FSC certified and most contain recycled content or come from reclaimed sources. Choices include hardwood, bamboo, cork, natural linoleum (Marmoleum), wool carpet, underlayment, moldings, tools and accessories. All have been personally tested by the company and used by many with MCS for the past 25 years.

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Organic and Healthy

The most non-toxic carpeting and area rugs on the market, made from 100% natural materials: Earth Weave’s Bio-Floor Collection and Nature’s Carpet “Dark Green” line. Also 100% natural wool carpet padding and 100% natural rubber rug grippers. “Wool carpeting is wonderful because the scales on wool fibers hold onto dirt until it is vacuumed away, which helps the carpet and your home stay cleaner. And these fibers absorb airborne pollutants, so wool carpeting can actually help clean the air in your home!” Plus wool carpet typically lasts 2 to 3 times as long as synthetics. “We bring you non-toxic products that we have researched for use in our own home to protect our family, in hopes of helping you create a cleaner indoor environment for you and your loved ones.”

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Crazy As a Loom Weaving Studio

One-of-a-kind area rugs, handwoven using leftover products of the textile industry, old blue jeans, and millends. She will also make rugs to order using your own fabric. Also bags and totes, stuffed monkeys, and an everchanging variety of handwovens shawls, baby blankets, kitchen towels and “whatever else my muse has decided to weave. All woven in the weavers home on old looms.

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Carousel Carpet Mills

This is one of the first natural carpet companies I found back in the early 1980s. They sent me a sample of their 100% cotton carpet and it was beautiful, lush, and thick. They have “a 37-year history of producing made-to-order, hand-crafted, extremely high quality carpets and area rugs. Inherently green and recyclable natural materials are employed by the artisans at Carousel’s northern Georgia mill. They produce a range of custom carpets and area rugs in wool, cotton, linen, and jute with a wide variety of patterns and textures. Interior designs featuring Carousel’s “Made in the U.S.A.” products have graced the covers and pages of Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Metropolitan Home, Interior Design, House Beautiful, and Elle. Their ongoing mission is to design and manufacture the finest custom carpets, area rugs, and tapestries in the world.” 

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Prairie Rugs

"The World's Finest Cotton Rugs." Heavy-wight, hand-made, washable cotton area rugs made from pre-consumer recycle rags acquired from textile mills in India, originally intended to make bedding. The rags are washed with a bio-degradable soap (no blech) then dyed using high quality low-impact organic dyes that are so safe, the residual dye water is used to irrigate vegetables and mango trees in the surrounding areas. The dyed strips are rinsed three times in separate tubs of fresh water to remove the residual dye and prevent color transfer, then dried in the sun. The colored rags are then woven by hand on manual looms. Made with heavy-duty materials to last for decades.

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These interlocking soft foam mats are a perfect for any room that needs a soft floor (think child's room, workout area). They are comfortable to stand on and protects falling babies and kids from injury. Made from nontoxic EVA foam, tested to be free of formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates. Contains no latex or fire retardants. Completely waterproof. Comes in 1 and 2 foot square and two thicknesses. Every color of the rainbow, plus wood grain, flower insets, and letters so you can spell your child's name. Let your imagination run wild! Only $1.45 a square foot. Free samples. [Note, I ordered some samples, and when they arrived, they did have a slight odor. I spoke with the owner and he said the odor dissipates within a week, when you open the box and spread the tiles around. It's not a toxic exposure, just an odor that some people may not tolerate.]

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Nature’s Carpet

Carpet "made from all natural, biodegradable high quality wool, natural jute backings and natural bonding agents utilizing renewable resources. The wool fibre was obtained from sheep raised in isolated organically fertilized fields. Complete absence of chemicals at every stage of manufacture." Lab-tested for health effects by Anderson Laboratories and found safe for individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities. "Nature's carpet provides a surface so pure and chemical-free one can literally sleep on it and be worry-free!" Manfactured by Colin Campbell & Sons.

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Sustainable Flooring

A comprehensive line of bamboo and cork flooring products, sold by a unique "green" cooperative venture between a successful manufacturer of bamboo, and cork, respectively. They offer manufacturer-direct access to high quality bamboo and cork flooring products in various shades, with "incredible pricing." Provides samples.

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Natural Area Rugs

Stylish area rugs made from natural fibers, including sisal, bamboo, wool, seagrass and mountain grass, and jute. Some unusual and interesting combinations, including wool/sisal and sisal combined with paper. Will send two swatches free on request, more can be ordered for a minimal fee. Throughout the site, comments made show thoughtfulness regarding toxic substances and environmental impacts. Good descriptions of the various materials used and how they are processed. Rugs are factory-direct at discounted prices.

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Forbo Linoleum NA

Natural linoleum made from linseed oil, rosins, and wood flour, on a natural jute backing. This tough, yet beautiful, floor covering prevents bacteria from multiplying, reduces the accumulation of dust, and has naturally occuring anti-static properties. Comes in a wide range of natural colors.

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Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaics

These beautiful little wood tiles (1"x1" and 1"x2") are handcrafted from solid bamboo, teak, and rosewood, obtained from a small, family-owned furniture workshop in Thailand. Most are made from wood pieces too small for making furniture, which would have otherwise been thrown away or burned. Can be used in any interior application–floors, walls, back splashes, counterops, and fireplace surrounds.

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