Dancing with waterThis is the best home air purifier I have seen in thirty years. It uses an entirely different technology than all other air filters in the past to remove 99.99% of ALL types of air pollutants: gases, particulates, and microorganisms. It removes pollutants from indoor air so effectively that the health of the user can be improved. First, the O2 uses a combination of airflow and neutral charge to capture all types and all sizes of airborne pollution without limitation. This neutral charge pulls pollutants of all kinds to the unit, just like your television attracts dust when you turn it on. Once pollutants are captured in the system, they are entrenched in a water bath. Then they are literally digested by natural microbes and their enzymes and broken down into their elemental components. Pollution gone. It’s the only technology that can capture and destroy all three types of pollutants. Please use code D2010 at checkout to get $10 off the retail price.

Why I Recommend the O2 Air Purifier

Listen to my interview with Airstar Partners, LLC Chief Operating Officer Ryan Hamsho.

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