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Cleo & Coco

Detox deodorant and detox dust made of activated charcoal and bentonite clay “to remove bacteria and toxins and absorb wetness. Due to the detox benefits of these all-natural healthy ingredients, as well as due to eliminating antiperspirants and synthetic deodorants from your daily routine, after using your Detox Deodorant a few days, you will notice that you are naturally not as wet or have any BO, even on days when you forget to put on your Cleo&Coco DetoxDeo! This means that you have successfully detoxed your underarms…We use only organic activated charcoal from coconuts.” These products are scented with essential oils from vanilla, lavender and orange peel.

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H is for Love

There is a lot to read on this website about the purity of the plant ingredients and the very basic formulas that prove “nature is enough.” As an example I will just tell you about the Root & Berry Lip Glace, which I am going to try. There seem to be descriptions on one page and ordering on another, so if you want to buy and don’t see a shopping cart, go to “shop.” But this lip glace has “been formulated to nourish lips in much the same way the H IS FOR LOVE skincare line does. I chose to leave out pigments that weren’t specifically there to enhance the nourishing qualities of the gloss, and instead included roots, berries, and flowers that would color the oils naturally.” That is so in agreement with my own thinking. And then she went on to say how she was addicted to her department store lipstick. It was the same brand I was addicted to for the same reason. It took me so long to give it up because of the color and the feel. And then she made this glace and gave it up. “No more poison gloss for me!” she said. “H is for love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. Each ingredient is pure, every product made by hand to optimize quality and efficacy. Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed. Designed with purpose and care, each element has already withstood the ultimate test: time.”

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Paper Street Soap Company

Organic bug spray certified by Oregon Tilth. Made from a list of lovely essential oils in a witch hazel extract. I tried this repellant and found it to be very effective. It has a fairly strong herbal citrus spice aroma due to its blend of certified organic essential oils necessary for repellency. “You are probably wondering why there is a dragonfly on our bug spray instead of a mosquito or a tick; the dragonfly is the ultimate observer of the animal kingdom. Whereas the human eye, trichromatic, depends on three opsins — light-sensitive proteins — that absorb red, green, and blue light wavelengths respectively, the eye of a dragonfly has up to thirty-thousand facets and thirty-three opsins allowing it to see colors we cannot even imagine, even ultraviolet light, for a 360 degree view of the world in ultra high-definition, multicolor. This sense of vision makes the dragonfly the ultimate predator of the animal kingdom, catching more than ninety-five percent of its targeted prey…With its superior vision, the dragonfly approaches from below to avoid detection, uses its visual sharpness and lightning-quick reflexes as it keeps its prey in sight wiith its eyes locked on its target while adjusting its flight based on the predicted movements of its prey — which includes mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, wasps…Our bug spray works 360 degrees to keep these pests at bay.”

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Holland Bowl Mill

Wooden bowls of all sizes, made from a variety of different woods. They also have a unique treatment for the wood called “ebonizing” which is the use of a vinegar and iron solution that turns the wood black. These bowls are quite beautiful with black on the outside and the natural wood on the inside. They also make a whole series of nesting bowls from one block of wood. You can special order a whole set of these nested bowls if you want, though it’s not an item on the website. Bowls are finished with food grade mineral oil, but you can also order them unfinished. They also make live edge bowls!

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Great lids for your Mason jars to make them more useful. Chalk Tops let you label and relabel the lids, Timber Tops let you top your jars with bamboo wood instead of metal, and then there are all kinds of tools and instructions for fermenting vegetables in your Mason jars.

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Unfinished Furniture Expo

Unfinished furniture in more styles than I usually see on unfinished furniture websites. Check this site to find something different. Search by type of furniture and also by style. “At Unfinished Furniture Expo, you can find an assortment of furniture pieces, all made with a variety of wood. The pieces include tables, table pedestals, table tops, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen furniture, beds, headboards, entertainment centers, desks, bookcases, bookshelves, and even chairs and tables for children. These pieces can be found in alder, birch, pine, parawood, and oak. We offer all of our pieces as discounted unfinished furniture, inclusive of free shipping on orders over $39.”

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Glob Color

“Artists have been using fruit, vegetable, and herb pigments to mix paint since ancient times. Glob channels that age-old method with vibrant paints that yield bright and beautiful colors when mixed with water.” Watercolor paints and non-nano face paint. Watercolor and face paints make with plant pigments. ” Glob paints are made from food-grade ingredients, so they are as safe as possible for little ones to play with.” They also sell ColorKitchen “naturally vibrant food colors…artificial dye-free, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO,” developed by the same woman.

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