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BioBased Insulation

Sprayed-in insulation made from soybeans, a renewable resource. Creates a continuous air barrier around your home that blocks outside irritants such as mold, pollen, and other allergens from entering your indoor environment. Contains no harmful and irritating micro fibers or organic dust particulates. "When BioBased Insulation is sprayed into the floors, walls and ceilings, it quickly expands to 100 times its size to fill in every crack, crevice, and void….It insulates your home so well you will actually require a smaller HVAC unit in your home or structure…BioBased Insulation is a thermo set plastic foam that is by its nature inert. BioBased Insulation will not support mold growth and is not a food source for rodents, insects or other vermin."

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Natural Solutions

“We want to provide our customers with honest and true products that really are natural!…we are offering Natural Beauty Solutions and health products that meet the demands of eco-wise people! Our philosophy is that ‘Only the Purest will do for YOU!'” Products include skincare for all skin types, hair care, body care, tooth care, cosmetics, sunscreens, all natural hair remover kits, unscented items, and more.

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Berea College Student Crafts

This has always been one of my favorite catalogs. Not only are all the products made from natural materials, they are all made by students at Berea College in Kentucky. Berea charges no tuition, admitting only academically promising students, primarily from Appalachia, who have limited economic resources. All students must work 10 hours weekly, earning money for books, room and board. Berea's crafts program also ensures that the traditional Appalachian handcrafts are kept alive and taught to new generations. These are simple, useful household items such as cutting boards, wooden games, handwoven blankets and placemats, baskets, rolling pins, small furniture items, trays, candleholders, brooms, ceramics, wrought irons pieces, and more.

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Belgian Huis

If you love linen, visit this website. Everything you can imagine made from 100% linen, at affordable prices: bedlinens, table linens, kitchen linens, clothing…. All manufactured in Belgium and bear the label "Masters of Linen", which is given by a French organization to the top West-European weavers.

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Bella Dogga

Exceptionally attractive organic dog beds, some covered with organic cotton and all filled with organic kapok. "Each of our dog beds is meticulously hand-crafted on a limited-production basis."

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Begley’s Best

This all-natural cleaner–manufactured by eco-actor Ed Begley Jr.–is made from extracts of pine and palm, de-acified citrus, maize, fermented sugar cane roots, and olive seeds…no soap, detergent, or solvents. It is completely non-toxic and totally biodegradable in just 3 to 7 days. Ed gave me a sample. It it smells like nothing and it really works! "Begley's Best dissolves away grease, grime and dirt, quickly, safely and effortlessly. You can use it on any surface that is compatible with water, such as tile, showers, porcelain, counter tops and cupboards, linoleum, plastics, wood, leather, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome and colorfast fabrics…ideal for shampooing and spot-cleaning colorfast carpets and upholstery. It's the perfect cleaner for use on appliances, large and small, inside or out. Available in two varieties: Household Cleaner & Carpet Spot Remover and All Purpose Cleaner.

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Beeswax Candle Works

100% pure beeswax candles made from raw, unbleached & naturally yellow wax with cotton wicks. "The bees wax is made by local honey bees. We do not use imported beeswax." Over 130 different sizes and styles including tapers and pillars, animal and holiday shapes, and three sizes of birthday candles.

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Face and body care, bath salts and oils, aromatherapy soaps made with olive oil and beeswax, organic lip balm in yummy flavors, "There was a time when I couldn't find 100% Beeswax candles so I decided to make them myself. I ordered pure beeswax sheets from a local beekeeping supplier. While hand rolling the candles, I noticed how fragrant the wax was and how great it made my hands feel. I fell in love with the bees…We think we have the best, high quality ingredients available (many are certified organic) and strive to bring them fresh to you."

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