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“The Environmental Check Company.” Personal checks printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. “We use 24 lb. MICR bond paper with 20% post-consumer fiber, the highest possible using today’s technology.” Large selection of nature-inspired designs as well as the standards. NOTE: This link goes to an umbrella affiliate page. Enter “recycled” into the search box to access these recycled checks.

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Charlie’s Soap

An affordable, unscented laundry product that is also natural–made with only coconut-based soap and washing soda. Customers rave about how well it cleans, makes clothes soft and removes stains. And it costs only 16 cents a load (if you buy the 5-gallon bucket, the price goes down to 10 cents a load–incuding shipping).

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Candtec Candle Systems

These 100% natural beeswax candles are truly unique! The candle itself is long and slender and comes in a coil. Before you burn it, you can pull as much as you want through the specially designed holder to make a candle of your desired length and burn time. Coiled candles come in sizes that will burn from 12 to 100 hours, and refill candles are available.

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The Candle Lady

100% beeswax candles in unusual styles–spiral and twisted tapers, solid pillars, and molded candles with beautiful intricate designs. Also bayberry wax tapers (read descriptions carefully as there are also some that are only bayberry scented).

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Candle Bee Farm

I had to give this website the gold star after reading their excellent page on "Beeswax Facts." These are beekeepers making candles from their own wax. "Candle Bee Farm only uses beeswax generated here on the farm and from select domestic sources for candle making…We also utilize solar melt methods that release any possible residuals before filtering and candle pouring begins. Ah, the warm, healing energy of the sun! Solar melting the wax vaporizes impurities leaving a pure, clean product." Solar melting! Choose from tapers, pillars, and many novelties, including animal shapes and holiday.

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Cameron Multi-Roaster

I had to look long and hard to find a roasting pan big enough for a turkey that did not have a non-stick finish. This one is not only not nonstick, but it has a wonderfully useful design. The pan has a large oval shape with high sides that hold heat in, and a rack with handles that makes it easy to pull out whatever you are roasting. The lid is flat, so it doubles as an oval skillet, baking dish, or serving dish. The handles are ingeniously placed on the side of the lid, making it easier to fit into my oven. The one drawback is that it is made from stainless steel, however, I generally use it to roast turkeys and chickens on the rack, so the food doesn't come in contact with the steel.

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California Organic Flowers

"A rainbow of fresh flowers" direct from the flower farm in Chico, California. "Many of the varieties will be new to you because we don't believe in limiting your floral joy to just roses and carnations. Each morning we rise early to pick your flowers, ensuring that they are fresh, vibrant, fragrant and grown and harvested with the greatest care…We have always grown our flowers organically believing that they are more alive, vibrant and longer lasting. …You are buying from expert flower growers and professional floral designers. But, most importantly, you are buying flowers from flower lovers."

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Built It Green

Though this website is oriented to the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area, it contians much general information on green building that is useful anywhere. Their free downloadable Green Building Guidelines are an excellent place to start if you are designing new construction or a remodel, and the AccessGreen Directory is full of green building products.

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