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Vermont Beard and Mustache Company

“Men’s grooming, as nature intended.” Organic beard conditioning oils and organic shave oils for “a smooth bread and closest shave, guaranteed…Our premium organic beard oils and shave oils are pure, nourishing, and honest… We proudly handcraft our oils in small batches in the greater Burlington, VT area. We impart the culture and style of the city in each of our products. The result will revitalize your beard and revolutionize your shave.”

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Mystic Man Beard Oil

Beard oil “made from the finest 100% USDA approved organic ingredients. The rich, organic oils blend perfectly with sedr extract, a Mediterranean ingredient used for centuries to condition and protect hair, and to stimulate growth…work perfectly on every heard length…work to transform a beard from cars, bought hair, to smooth, luxurious and completely touchable.. will relieve itching and revitalize the way your skin and beard look and feel. Also a wooden beard comb.

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The 1906 Gents

High quality badger bristle shaving brushes with wooden handles, and natural shaving soap. “With so many companies focusing on profit alone; we strive to focus on quality alone. Instead of buying one product a thousand times over your lifetime, why not buy a product once and enjoy it for a lifetime!”

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A small fabrication studio in Texas that handcrafts all the accessories a man needs out of wood instead of plastic: wooden combs (freestanding, folding and even a folding comb keychain with two different-sized combs!), shaving brushes, and razors, plus various wooden cufflinks, signs, clocks, and a lot more more (like personalized handmade soaps). “Our products are typically made out of wood, leather, cork, acrylic, and aluminum, but that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with other stuff. We try to locally source materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, whenever possible, and try to put every last scrap to good use in order to minimize waste. Some of our natural wood stains are made in our shop using household items such as vinegar, steel wool, hydrogen peroxide, copper, walnuts, and tea.Our products are very customizable and can be personalized with a name, initials, monogram, logo, or just about whatever strikes your fancy. ”

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Ancestral Supplements

100% freeze-dried grass-fed and grass-finished beef organs. Our ancestors ate all parts of animals to get a full spectrum of nutrients, yet today we are squeamish about eating organ meats. Beef gelatin capsules liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen in a form that is easier to take. Pasture raised in New Zealand. Hormone, pesticide, and GMO free. Third party tested for purity. “For most of human history, we effortlessly consumed (nose-to-tail) the things we needed for health and happiness. Like the fertile ground that we once walked upon, we were a natural extension of this earth. In the modern world, we unknowingly struggle to fulfill our nutritional needs in order to support and sustain a vibrant, disease-free life. Our mission is to offer the highest quality line of whole-food supplements with the purpose of putting back in, what the modern world has left out.

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Earth-Shot Weed Control

A lightweight, ergonomic weed removal tool for both precise removal of the weed at the root and spot spraying of natural herbicide to the root. You can removing unwanted weeds while keeping lawns and gardens healthy and herbicide-free. Refillable reservoir hold 100 shots of any weed-killing solution. A citrus oil based weedkiller solution is sold on the site.

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Better Shoes Foundation

This site is a list of “sustainable” and “vegan” shoe brands. “we thought it would be appropriate to reference the new wave of brands that seem to have built sustainable practices from the ground up.” The list is quite long (and I assume is updated) so I thought I would put this list here while I go through it and look for the brands that are nontoxic. If you explore this list and find any shoes you think are toxic free, please tell me which they are in the comments. A world map shows the scattered show production locations.

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Fit Organic

A whole range of cleaning products made from USDA certified organic ingredients. Everything from laundry detergent and stain removers to produce wash, dishwasher gel, and pet stain/odor remover. And USDA certified organic mosquito repellant.

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South Street Linen

Simple, colorful, creative clothing for women, designed by three women friends (all artists) who are committed to the re-emerging textile community in Maine. “We design clothes and objects we would like for ourselves and have discovered a whole world of women that love them the way we do.” Be sure to read this page about linen and watch “this beautiful video” to learn about the steps required to turn flax into linen. All linen. All season. All made in Maine.

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Heart Grown Wild

Natural, organic, handcrafted, plant-based skin and hair care products. “Our products are created with a strong foundation, knowledge and connection with the plants. It is our intention to bring that connection to the outside world into your daily self-care routines. This connection is important now more than ever in the world we live in.”

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