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Stick Candles

Unique handmade 100% beeswax candles—cast from sticks, twigs and branches. “We pour our candles one at a time. Originally made as a gift for mom…”The Candles that we are now able to cast, from shapes that we gather, strike me as beautiful and fascinating…when someone tells me about their experience with a candle that I made…It doesn’t point to me. It points to the shape of that cutting. Beauty in Nature.Wow : What Could Be Better Than That ?”

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EnviroKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer

EK DLD HAND SOAP 235 235A liquid Castile soap that eliminates scents and odors from your skin. The soap utilizes the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology to neutralize the odors at the source without the use of masking agents of fragrances. Nontoxic and fragrance-free. Gentle on all skin types. For a 10% discount on your entire purchase, enter coupon code “toxicfree10″ at checkout.

Listen to my interviews with Kyle Knappenberger, Director of Applications at Timilon Technology Acquisitions LLC

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Most Modest

Power strips in unfinished solid wood housings. “a new power solution that considers where and how people use power today. A functional wood form combined with a one of a kind knitted mesh power cable, Niko adds an element of fun to any environment.” Comes in several styles and cord colors.

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Good4You Plant Makeup

Paint your face with plants. These unique and simply makeup products provide a rainbow of gentle plant-based colors for eyes and lips. She uses “local flowers and herbs to create makeup, skin care and bath products for a new era of natural beauty…Plant Makeup is a bit different than regular makeup. It applies lighter on skin compared to bold dramatic colors. When Plant Makeup creator Jes first started out studying plants, she made plant based paints for a project in a class she was taking. The result was a lighter gentler paint, compared to deep colored conventional paints. Chemicals make it possible to obtain crazy makeup colors. Really cool shades, but not really made of the best ingredients. So plants themselves act more like a natural dye than a dramatic bold color stain…All Good4You ingredients are either locally grown // foraged locally or certified organic. We only want the best in each of these creations so they vibrate with as much vitality as they were first gathered from the earth. We have a great respect for nature and only want to inspire + spread a message of conservation, protection and awareness through anything we offer back to the world. Because of this our batches are small + special, based on the season and sometimes limited edition. We enjoy knowing we spoil anyone who receives these creations with the highest quality we can possibly offer.” Be sure to watch the video (scroll down).

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“Let thy dessert be thy medicine” is the motto of these chocolatiers. A proprietary blend of raw, fair trade, organic cacao, low-glycemic organic coconut nectar, organic cacao butter, and organic food flavorings. “Creating exceptional tasting chocolate with healing, nutritional properties was the passion behind UliMana Chocolate Truffles when we began in 2005 in Asheville, NC and this is the mission which continues to drive us forward today. As the first raw chocolate company, we remember the light that went off when we discovered raw chocolate to be one of the most, if not the most, nutrient rich and complex foods known to man, and how our bodies have the ability to thrive as long as we eat real, unadulterated food. And this is the light we see in others as we continually educate people on the benefits of raw chocolate and how they too can thrive.Our creative and joyful chocolatiers are devoted to making our truffles using the purest and finest, certified organic ingredients. UliMana Chocolate Truffles are hand rolled with care, often to the sound of stories, laughter and singing of the women gathered around the truffle table. This is truly a chocolate made with joy in every bite.” Can’t wait to try these!

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Brute Jute

Reusable shopping bags made from jute. “Long wooden handles provide a far more comfortable grip than conventional shopping bags. Carry up to 50% more capacity than a typical plastic or paper bag. Easily rolled-up and neatly stored in your car between shopping trips.”

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“Awesome crayons” made with “lots of organic beeswax…Filana™ crayons are made with natural waxes and over 25% certified organic beeswax. We never use petroleum waxes or paraffin. All our ingredients are GMO free. Filana™ crayons contain a special blend of organic and natural petroleum-free waxes, FDA-approved organic and inorganic pigments, and kaolin clay. Filana™ crayons conform to ASTM D-4236 standard, which indicates Filana™ crayons are certified nontoxic and meet or exceed specific quality standards. Filana™ crayons are CPSIA compliant. They have been tested by an independent laboratory and are certified to be compliant with the the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). Each one of our crayons is hand-crafted in Langley, Washington. Our crayons are 100% made in the US.”

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