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Shields Dates

When Larry and I were driving across the USA from Florida to California, we drove right through the famous date growing region of Coachella Valley, so we had to stop for dates. Shields has 10 varieties of dates and if you stop at their date garden you can sample every one of them. They sell natural and organic dates and date products, including their own “date crystals” date sugar.

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Wood Cabinets for Less

I found this website while looking for quick delivery for a client on solid wood cabinets. I was surprised and very pleased at the very low price. Like a whole kitchen of cabinets for $3000. At the top end you can get solid wood cabinets with solid doors and sides, but they cost even less if you get cabinet grade plywood for the sides. You can even order them unfinished. Choose your style and wood and finish. Staff is very knowledgeable and will help you find what you are looking for from their selection. Look here first for kitchen and bath cabinets.

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Mary’s Chickens | Mary’s Turkeys | Mary’s Ducks

I recently moved to Sebastopol, California, where there is a cute restaurant called HipChicks Farms, where they sell organic chicken fingers, chicken pot pies, and other chicken comfort foods. I asked them where they sourced their chicken and they said “Mary’s” with due respect in their tone of voice. I have to say, it was delicious chicken. Go to Mary’s website and you’ll find pasture raised chicken, heirloom chicken, organic chicken, no styrofoam packaging and special programs to protect the welfare of the animals. Same for turkeys, same for ducks. Family owned and operated since 1954.

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Woman Within

Basic cotton clothing for plus size women, including soft cotton tees in all sleeve lengths and many colors, cotton denim pants and skirts, cotton corduroy pants and skirts. Many colors in basic designs. Clothing comes with a slight odor from sizing that washes out. Garments are cut loose and comfortable. Though this clothing is not organic, it is affordable and reliable. But choose carefully because natural fiber items are mixed in with many synthetics. Search the website for “cotton” to easily find cotton clothing.

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Amana Woolen Mill

Though the name says “woolen mill,” today Amana makes and sells high quality 100% cotton products for the home: blankets & throws, table and kitchen linens. Plus heavy duty totes made from reclaimed cotton yarn and fabric with full grain leather handles. “We are a community of families, farmers and artisans that are nearly as old as Iowa itself. Quality craftsmanship isn’t a coincidence, it’s second nature. Our textiles are woven in the same building that was first used more than a century and a half ago…The exacting methods used today were brought from the old world by Amana’s first settlers, while the pioneering spirit of those first families continues to drive new innovations.”

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Mountain Meadow Wool

“100% American made and Wyoming grown, high-quality wool products and yarn, created with eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers.” Purchase yarn and fiber for your own creations, blankets woven at the Faribault mill, and wool hoodies, hats, gloves, and mittens. All are variegated natural colors of the sheep wool.

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Many types of meat, poultry and game, all natural or organic. Also heritage breeds and wild.You’ll find everything here from chicken to wild boar. Plus charcuterie and sausage. “We believe food raised right tastes better. Before such buzz words existed, and for more than 30 years, D’Artagnan has been committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices.”

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Badger Certified Organic Body Care

USDA certified organic body care products, certified to food grade standards. Badger has been around since 1995. You may know their first product “Badger Balm,” which was created by a carptenter to heal his cracked hands. You’ve seen this brand on the shelves of many stores. But did you know that it’s a small, family-owned, family-run company in New Hampshire? “We blend the finest organic plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax, and minerals to make the safest, most effective products possible to soothe, heal, protect and otherwise treat your body. We work hard, have fun, and incorporate honesty, respect, and integrity into everything we do…We only use ingredients that fit our rigorous natural standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, sustainable supply chain, and health giving properties. For example, the organic extra virgin olive oil we use in most of our products comes from a single family estate in southern Spain and it is the best olive oil we’ve ever tasted. And, the organic rose essential oil we use in all of our rose products is steam distilled in Bulgaria from rose petals picked the very same day. It takes 5 tons of rose petals to make one liter of this precious essential oil. We combine years of tradition and research with beautiful artwork and lots of love to create products naturally rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamins for healthier people and a healthier planet.” Links to Ingredients and Growers and Philosophy of Formulation. “We believe that true organic agriculture goes beyond the elimination of synthetic chemicals to a harmonization and sustainability of farmers, producers, consumers, and the land that we all share. Our goal at Badger is to take the organic certification as a first step on a road toward cultivating a higher standard for ingredients from the farm to the factory. We are working towards sourcing ingredients that are grown biodynamically, traded fairly, processed with thoughtful intention and to create products for all those in need of organic healing body care that works.”

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Alderspring Ranch Grass-Fed Beef

“100% grass fed and finished, certified organic beef grown on a family ranch in the wild and remote mountains of Idaho for over 23 years…We’ve been raising grassfed beef for over 20 years, and certified all of our operation as organic nearly a decade ago. We are one of the few organic grassfed beef producers in the country, carrying the dual labeling of “grassfed” as well as “certified organic.” We’ve taken our beef past the labels into an area we call “wild” that reflects the pristine wild country we grow our beef in, and growing practices that mimic nature as much as possible. We have a passion for caring for our land and livestock. We are also passionate about growing good food.”

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Phone Soap

ABC News reported, “When people in New York City were asked which they thought was dirtier — the sole of your shoe, a toilet seat or a cell phone — the answer was overwhelmingly the toilet seats. But they were wrong — your cell phone is more filthy.” Phone Soap uses ultraviolet light to safely sanitize your cellphone. Also accessories such as a microcord so you can charge your phone while it is being sanitized and and an antimicrobial phone case that protects your phone from germs.

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