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Teance Fine Teas

Single Origin, Farm Direct, Whole Leaf Teas. I happened to walk by this store in Berkeley, California and loved it immediately. It completely changed my ideas about tea. “We celebrate this time-honored craftsmanship of the artisanal tea farmers of China, Taiwan, India, and Japan. Every harvest for the past 15 years we have traveled to the finest tea growing regions of Asia to visit family-owned farms to select our handcrafted teas. Each tea in our collection is carefully curated for its complexity, exceptional taste, and spirit. We do this because we are committed to helping sustain these traditional communities and to sharing the treasures of the tea arts with you. And we truly believe that tea can change your life.” Their mission is “to seek out the most skilled tea farmers and producers in each region, and support their craft by bringing their teas to the Western world.” You can meet each farmer on their website. Teas are picked during the peak season and sold as fresh harvests. They even have a questionnaire to help you choose the perfect tea for you. I wish I could live next door.

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Honey Mama’s Chocolate

“Honey Mama’s bars are raw honey-sweetened cocoa treats made from five nutrient-rich ingredients. Each bar has a base of raw honey and virgin coconut oil, with the addition of cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds OR shredded coconut. That’s it! We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality direct–trade, non–GMO, and organic ingredients we can find to make a product that naturally stimulates well-being and is out-of-this-world delicious! To learn more about the fabulous ingredients that go into our bars, click here. For more information on our suppliers, click here. These bars are simply delicious!

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Zursun Idaho Heirloom Beans

“Founded in 1985, Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans is the original U.S. company to offer authentic heirloom beans and unusual legumes worldwide. The ultimate eco-friendly food, Zürsun heirloom beans are grown on small-scale farms in the Snake River Canyon region of south central Idaho known as the Magic Valley Growing Area. The area’s arid climate, rich, well-drained loamy soil, moderate temperatures and stable moisture level—internationally recognized as having ideal environmental conditions for bean growing—produce pure, distinctly flavorful beans, superior to common store-bought beans.”

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Rancho Gordo

“Glorious, old fashioned heirloom beans… unique flavors and textures that you don’t find with bland commodity beans..My first harvested heirloom bean was Rio Zape. They were pretty and easy to grow but I had no idea what to expect when I cooked them. They were similar to the pintos I liked but there was so much more going on. Hints of chocolate and coffee mixed with an earthy texture made my head spin.”

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Divine Organics Pili Nut Butter

They were giving out free samples at my local community organic market and I couldn’t resist. And I’ve been eating it since. Here’s why. It tastes like chocolate. But there is no caffeine, just a bit of coconut sugar and a bit of Himalayan salt. I haven’t tried an actual pili nut yet, but I’m interested in the fact that they are a rich source of heart-healthy omegas, which play an important role in brain function, and they contain all 8 essential amino acids. This nut butter is a good introduction.

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Natural Upholstery

“Healthy Upholstery—Without Chemicals.” Buy nontoxic upholstery foundation materials for your project here: premium wool batting, organic cotton batting, Oeko-Tex and GOLS certified organic latex foam, organic cotton ticking. In addition, they have lots of resources to help you with your project including a list of upholstery professionals and designers, makers and DIYers, instructions for your professional upholester, and a list of websites where you can buy organic uphostery fabrics. “My work at this moment is focused on creating positive change. For me this means building a resource for Makers to learn upholstery restoration using natural and organic materials. It means sharing stories, skills and imagination in an open source platform – where each of us builds upon the contributions of others to create something new and better. I can’t wait to see what you create! Large or small, impacting a single person or many. Hearing your stories and helping you transform your upholstery project into something that imparts a meaningful presence to your space is the best part of my work!”

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Foam Order

This website is not 100% natural and toxic-free, but if you choose carefully you will find some acceptable products and materials that are difficult to locate elsewhere. First, they will make custom cushions for you for indoor and outdoor furniture, boats, RVs. or anything else. They have fire-retardant-free natural latex cut in blocks and all kinds of custom shapes. Also down filling for cushions.Certified organic natural 100% cotton down-proof ticking lining. Organic wool batting and felt (look under “industrial”). Organic cotton mattress covers. And more. Take a look at this site if you want to make something custom.

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Fabric Worm

The largest selection of “purely organic fabric for quilting and craft projects” I’ve ever seen. Solid colors and many many patterns. Sold by the 1/2 yard and/or fat quarters for quilting. “We carry one of the largest selections of organic cotton fabric and imported fabrics on the world wide web. Whether you’re sewing for boys, girls, or yourself, you’ll find a beautiful curated selection of whimsical prints, as limitless as a child’s imagination.”

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