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Paper Street Soap Company

Organic bug spray certified by Oregon Tilth. Made from a list of lovely essential oils in a witch hazel extract. I tried this repellant and found it to be very effective. It has a fairly strong herbal citrus spice aroma due to its blend of certified organic essential oils necessary for repellency. “You are probably wondering why there is a dragonfly on our bug spray instead of a mosquito or a tick; the dragonfly is the ultimate observer of the animal kingdom. Whereas the human eye, trichromatic, depends on three opsins — light-sensitive proteins — that absorb red, green, and blue light wavelengths respectively, the eye of a dragonfly has up to thirty-thousand facets and thirty-three opsins allowing it to see colors we cannot even imagine, even ultraviolet light, for a 360 degree view of the world in ultra high-definition, multicolor. This sense of vision makes the dragonfly the ultimate predator of the animal kingdom, catching more than ninety-five percent of its targeted prey…With its superior vision, the dragonfly approaches from below to avoid detection, uses its visual sharpness and lightning-quick reflexes as it keeps its prey in sight wiith its eyes locked on its target while adjusting its flight based on the predicted movements of its prey — which includes mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, wasps…Our bug spray works 360 degrees to keep these pests at bay.”

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Naked Botanicals Apothecary

Insect repellent made from organic ingredients, “field-tested to repel mosquitoes, ticks and biting insects for up to 4-8 hours YET FEELS LIKE YOU’RE WEARING NOTHING. We take a bold, citrus bouquet of lemongrass, citronella plus energizing peppermint then round it out with woody lavender and cedarwood notes to create a naturally-occurring insect repellent in a signature intoxicating scent. Yum.Not only does it create a Cloak of Invisibility against biting insects, but the witch hazel-based elixir also refreshes and purifies your skin in high heat and humidity. ”

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Dr Fedorenko True Organic

Organic tick and mosquito repellents that are clinically proven to prevent the transmission of Lyme disease and repels ticks and mosquitoes. It is a certified organic product made with essential oils and herbs. “Dr.Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick is designed to protect and nourish skin to keep it looking and feeling healthy while keeping mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, horseflies, black and biting flies away. Works quickly to protect you and the whole family. Luxurious botanical butters infused with pure essential oils help to hydrate your skin. Powerful blend of pure essential oils keep biting insects away for hours. ”

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Vermont Soap

“Our products are so natural, they’re certified to USDA organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers.” They have been a certified organic processor since 2003. For over twenty years Vermont Soap has been manufacturing 100% natural and toxic-free personal care and cleaning products. They make handmade bar soaps for sensitive skin, anti-aging products and moisturizers, 100% natural shower gels (soap based), castile liquid soaps, and nontoxic cleaners, products for pets, camping and gardening. All products are free from artificial scents (many are unscented altogether) and other toxic ingredients, such as antimicrobials and detergents. Get a 10% discount on your first order!If you have MCS, read Larry’s free ebook The Reactive Body Handbook.

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