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Vermont Soap

“Our products are so natural, they’re certified to USDA organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers.” They have been a certified organic processor since 2003. For over twenty years Vermont Soap has been manufacturing 100% natural and toxic-free personal care and cleaning products. They make handmade bar soaps for sensitive skin, anti-aging products and moisturizers, 100% natural shower gels (soap based), castile liquid soaps, and nontoxic cleaners, products for pets, camping and gardening. All products are free from artificial scents (many are unscented altogether) and other toxic ingredients, such as antimicrobials and detergents. Get a 10% discount on your first order!If you have MCS, read Larry’s free ebook The Reactive Body Handbook.

Listen to my interviews with Vermont Soap Founder Larry Plesent

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Greenway Formula 7

A safe, nontoxic, all-natural insecticide and insect repellent made from a proprietary blend of clove and other essentials oils. Kills dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, head lice, and acts as an extremely effective mosquito repellent for those who need protection from mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus. Safe for humans of all ages, pets, even horses…safe to spray on skin, hair, clothing, fur, in barn stalls…anywhere you want to kill bugs or repel mosquitoes. Effectiveness researched and proven by a major university.

Spraying your pets for fleas and ticks works for up to 4 weeks. Get the travel size for personal use to eliminate concerns about hotel beds. For home use on baseboards, beds, rugs…it’s effective for up to 4 weeks from a single application. Industrial sizes are available to use in your workplace, schools, and institutional living spaces. I tried the insect repellant and it worked perfectly! Here in Florida we have a lot of bugs and it is difficult for me to garden because I spend ten minutes in the garden and my body is itching all over from bug bites. With this insect repellant I had not one bite! I also tried the household insecticide on the big palmetto bugs that invade my kitchen every night. Just sprayed it all over the counters and floors and watched the bugs scurry away. Haven’t seen them since. These pest products are made from 100% natural essential oils, mainly clove. They do smell like cloves but it was very plesant to me. I felt safe spraying it on my body and in food prep areas. Purchase as a retail customer or wholesale distributor.

Listen to my interview with Greenway Formula 7 founder Tony Ingle.

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