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An online directory of more than 40,000 veterinary and pet health care professionals including Emergency, Holistic and House Call specialty directories.  VetLocator also helps pet owners get immediate dialogue with both pet professionals and other pet owners in the community in their very popular Q&A section called Ask A Pet Pro, which has 100s of pet owner questions and answers covering a wide variety of topics related to pets. Note that this site is not 100% holistic, so look for the “Holistic Vets” button on the home page to find veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists & other non-medical pros who can help your pet.

Listen to my interview with VetLocator Managing Director Linda Ferguson.

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National Animal Poison Control Center

A project of the ASPCA, this site provides information on poisons specific to animals, a hotline number for poisoning emergencies, and articles from various toxicology publications. Learn how to make your home poison-safe for your pet's by touring their interactive home. It tells about common household toxins and gives guidelines to prevent accidental pet poisonings in your home.

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