Cases for cell phones and other wireless devices that protect users from harmful EMFs without reducing signal (and in some cases actually improve performance and increase battery life). Tests show these cases reduce radiation by up to 95%, depending on the device.  There is so much to learn about the benefits of these cases, I suggest you simply click through to their website and read all about them. I have a case on my iPhone4 and my iPad2. In addition to protecting me from radiation, the  iPad2 case increased the speed of my 3G network remarkably. Cases are made from polycarbonate. Mine have a slight odor right out of the box, which I expect will dissipate with time. If you are concered about polycarbonate and BPA, there is BPA in the polycarbonate, but it is bound up in the plastic, not free like in cash register receipts. The company says that there is little, if any, exposure to BPA from holding a case (just like there is little exposure from holding a water bottle, the problem is leaching of BPA into the water). For me, the benefits of EMF protection far outweigh any possible BPA exposure. In my opinion, if you are using a cell phone or other wireless device, you should use a Pong case.

Listen to my interview with Pong Research Chief Technology Officer Dr. McCaughey and Chief Science Officer Dr. Rong Wang.

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