Selected Toxic Free Products

I’ve selected these websites for you from Debra’s List because they give exceptional results, are made from toxic free materials, and they have affiliate programs. I use many of these products myself.

When you purchase the products on this page, the commissions I receive  help defray the costs of providing free information on this website, and expands my ability to research toxic free living and promote it in the world. Thank you for your support.

“Thanks Debra! We’re going to get this water filter and an air filter through your links as well. So grateful for your research that saves us a lot of time, and then we can support you in return by purchasing through your links when we can.” — Judy

Home Lab An affordable monthly service that provides an air testing device to measure the actual pollutants in the air in your home, and certified building scientists to help you create a healthy home. Saves time and money. To date, 84% of my readers who signed up for the free 30-day trial bought the service.

EnviroKlenz This website has many products to help you neutralize toxic chemicals in the air, in fabrics, and on surfaces. Their natural mineral technology actually breaks down toxic chemicals into basic natural elements. Air filter, HVAC filter, laundry product, hand soap, and more. Enter coupon code "toxicfree10" at checkout for a 10% discount.

O2 AIR PURIFIER A small, quiet, affordable air purifier that uses a combination of airflow and neutral charge to capture all types and sizes of airborne pollution. natural microbes and their enzymes "digest" pollutants down to their elemental components. Use code D2010 at checkout to get $10 off the retail price.

PureEffect Advanced Water Filtration
I’ve been reviewing home water filters for 30+ years and this is the best water filter I’ve seen. It removes all types of pollutants while retaining natural minerals, and it’s affordable.

Touchstone Essentials
The best liquid zeolite detox drops (removes heavy metals, radiation, and other toxics from your body) plus organic wholefood nutrition products. I take these every day. Become a member to save up to 20%.

My favorite cookware—ceramic through and through. This is the healthiest cookware I know of.