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Modern Wool

Woolen throws, blankets, scarves and other miscellaneous items made by hand from untreated wool. “We use premium French Merino sheep wool grown in Colorado. Their wool is very soft and not itchy, offering a cozy, comfortable feel for all our products. Next we hand knit them in Southern California. Wool being a natural made material also releases negative ions into the body which build up, strengthen and energize. It is also a temperature regulating material which allows the user to maintain a comfortable body temperature. 100% Wool knits, without synthetic additives, are hard to find and it was in my own fruitless search for them that I decided a product such as this should be on the market and thus Modern Wool was born.

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Casari Ranch

Comforters, pillows and mattress pads made right on the farm from their own organically grown and milled wool and organic cotton. They raise grass-fed lambs for meat (local sales only), so this wool utilizes the whole animal.

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Hullo Pillow

“A simple, natural pillow designed for comfort….From the 100% organic cotton twill pillow case, to the carefully sourced and selected buckwheat hulls, Hullo pillows are made in the U.S.A. with the finest materials available.” Larger than traditional buckwheat pillows. Easy to adjust fill levels.


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Smart Bedding

Complete linen bedding sets (duvet cover, top and bottom sheets, 2 pillowcases) made from 100% French linen, washed with special white volcanic stones to soften the fabric. Design of bedding is “reimagined” solve all bedding problems. 100 night guarantee.


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Breathe Sleepwear

Surround yourself with linen while you sleep with linen sleepwear for women and men made by a small clothing design studio in the USA. “Artfully designed, impeccably crafted linen sleepwear….not mass produced, but made one at a time for each customer…carefully created from the initial design, pattern making, through the meticulous construction process, using only exceptional quality linens and other natural materials…not meant to be seasonal or trendy & my customers understand that they are making an investment. My hope is that these garments will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. I believe you will love your Breathe Clothing.”


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“Rolls Royce quality” authentic handcrafted Japanese buckwheat hull pillows. Filled with 100% natural triple air cleaned USDA Organic buckwheat hulls. 100% unbleached cotton cover. Fits in a standard pillowcase. Also body pillows filled with buckwheat hulls, buckwheat lumbar support and bolster pillows, and dried organic lavender to add to your pillow to aid sleep. All pillows come with zippers so additional buckwheat hulls can be added when needed. “The materials, dimensions, calculations and workmanship are a result of a lifetime accumulation of knowledge and pillow making experience.”

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Swans Island Company

Blankets, throws, wraps, and accessories (also yarns) handcrafted from Maine-spun fleeces and hand-dyed yarns. “A Swans Island product means natural fiber, sourced to the highest possible standard, designed to be as timeless as the tides. * Much of our fiber is from local New England farms as well as domestic, family-run farms that have been caring for their flocks for generations. Our organic merino, sourced from South America, has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. * Fleece from those farms is custom spun for us by New England mills on trusty vintage machinery. From there, every skein of Swans Island yarn – whether destined for our looms, our machine-knit accessories, or your knitting needles – is dyed by hand in our Northport dye house. * Many of our yarns are dyed using naturally derived pigments like cochineal, indigo, and madder root. Others are skein-dyed with low-impact dyes. * We make each dye bath with unique recipes, expertly working the fibers in order to achieve our distinctive hand-dyed look and feel. * Many of our products are woven on traditional looms here in Northport; others are produced in partnership with American makers who share our belief in the value of a life built by hand.” Edges handwoven with 100% silk.

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Prairie Linen Company

Handmade luxury bedding and table linens, made in the USA using high quality 100% natural linen fabric.” These are design pieces for decoration, not sheets and pillowcases. Monogrammed and ruffled pillow shams, bedskirts and spreads, crib accessories, placemats and monogrammed napkins, linen fabrics.

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Shop Fog Linen

Beautiful, simple products for daily use made from linen. Created by a Japanese designer, the pieces have a an Asian sensibility, made from western fabric. They have everything from table and kitchen linens to bed linens and bath towels, plus loose linen clothing and even linen slippers! Mostly neutral colors, some patterns, some colorful surprises. “We just want to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product. Our motto: Live with linen. Every day.

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