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This is basically a pillow website, but they also sell fabric by the yard, throws and bedcovers, pillow inserts, and floor cushions. “…made only from natural, non-toxic fabrics. Globally inspired throw pillows include ikats, suzanis, wax prints, organic cotton, vintage, batiks, indigo cloth and tie-dyes. The fabrics are woven only from natural, non-toxic fibers, using mostly ancient techniques and low impact dyes. A story, a person and a culture are behind every fiber. Most decorative pillow cover fabrics are woven on handlooms and the artisans are paid fair wages for their skills. Decorative pillow inserts are made with kapok fiber filling and organic cotton shells. Kapok fiber is natural, organic, pesticide free, non-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant, lightweight, odorless, silky, sustainable, washable and non-toxic. All inserts are made in the U.S.A.” And I have to mention colorful vintage sari parasols that are a must if you live in a sunny climate. This site is ALL about natural fiber fabrics and doing creative things with them.

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A colorful selection of knit fabrics that are hard to find in 100% organic cotton. “We produce all of our fabric within 150 miles of our Asheville, NC headquarters from cotton grown in Texas by the Texas Organic Growers Co-Op. The dyes used are low impact fiber reactive and are maintained in a closed loop system. Textiles are typically bleached and dyed. We avoid bleached fibers by using a citrus scour for our naturals and a peroxide wash derived from apples for our whites. On the subject of color, we use non-radioactive, heavy metal free, fiber-reactive dyes in a closed-loop system, preventing any toxic substances from being released into the external environment and allowing unfixed dye and water to be recycled.”

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Two Sisters Ecotextiles

The two sisters who created this website know more about toxics in textiles and how to choose safe fabrics than any two people I’ve ever met. After years of selling organic upholstery fabrics to the trade, they now have a retail site where you can get the best fabrics for all your fabric needs. “Surround yourself with fabric free of chemical residues that can trigger or aggravate health problems, who production has been safe for the earth, from a company that defines transparency….Safe enough for your newborn. Sophisticated enough for your mother-in-law. Tough enough for the after school gang.” These fabrics are gorgeous. Search by use or color. Fabric for apparel, drapery, tabletop, upholstery, and bedding. $1 samples available. Also readymade napkins, tea towels, and pillow covers. Website has lots of information about fabrics, how they are made, and toxics.

Listen to my interviews with Patty Grossman and Leigh Anne Van Dusen, co-Founders (and sisters) of O Ecotextiles

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Organic Cotton Plus

Organic cotton fabrics, without dyes, natural color, or dyed with low-impact dyes. Knits, terry, twills, wide sheeting, plaid flannels, embroidered, and more. Prints from Harmony Art  and others. Also organic cotton batting, yarns, lace, ribbons, thread and other notions. PLUS hemp fabrics, cord, yarn, thread and other hemp basics. Special page shows items Made in USA. They are a “fully GOTS certified business from our mill in India all the way through packing and shipping at our website, the only such certified company in the USA…The 100% organic cotton fabrics that we carry which are GOTS certified as finished goods are the Undyed Wovens, Undyed Knits, the dyed interlock in the following colors: Black, White, Pink, Light Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Grey Stripe, Grey Melange, Pink Stripe, Baby Blue, Banana, Butterscotch, Dark Blue, Orchid Purple, and Plum, the dyed Jersey and Fleece in the following colors: Black, White, Pink, LIght Blue, Lavender, and Navy. The dyed Twill and Duck fabrics, all of the Daisy Janie fabrics, and some of the printed Muslin fabrics are also GOTS certified. All other 100% organic cotton fabrics that we carry have been made with GOTS certified organic cotton fiber but are not certified as finished goods. These are still 100% organic cotton fabrics regardless though.” Many of the fabrics are labeled GOTS-certified and come up when you search on GOTS with their search box. If you have any questions about which fabrics are GOTS finished goods, call them up and they will be happy to clarify.

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Only Organic Fabric Shop

GOTS certified organic fabrics sold online by a little shop in the South of France, who ships to the USA (choose your currency at the top right corner). Woven, cotton, printed cotton, cotton knits and jersey, linen and flax, batting and filling, wide width fabrics…all meet strict GOTS standards for organic materials and processing from start to finish.

Listen to my interview with Stephanie Abgrall, founder of the Only Organic Fabric Shop website.

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DIY Natural Bedding

“We are a bedding parts supplier. We are here to enable you to make your own chemical free, natural bedding, be it pillows, mattresses, blankets, comforters, etc.” Because they are a parts supplier and not a mattress manufacturer, you make your own mattress with the materials you choose. It’s as simple as opening a big zippered bag, filling it with materials, and zipping it up. Or you can make your own completely from scratch with very natural materials in hard to find sizes. Componentsinclude wool from local farms, 100% natural latex, and GOTS certified organic fabric. She also offers sewing patterns for those who would like to save even more by sewing their own mattress ticking, and custom fire-retardant-free latex cuts for any DIY furniture project.

Listen to my interview with Deborah Brenton, owner of DIY Natural Bedding.

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Plover Organic

We make 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton textiles for the home because…well, we wanted to make organics fun, beautiful and accessible.” Their organic fabrics come in bright colors and beautiful designs, for bed and tabletop. Plus you can buy these fabrics by the yard and sew anything you want yourslef. Plover textiles are produced from the best quality 100% organic cotton, making it better for you and your family, for your home, and for the environment. The organic cotton in Plover’s linens comes from non-genetically engineered seeds grown in soil that is free of pesticides, herbicides or other cytotoxins–keeping those poisons away from those you love and out of the ecosystem. Growing cotton organically means avoiding those toxic chemicals and their fallout, improving soil fertility and protecting farming communities at the same time. Buying organic supports environmentally and economically sustainable production, which is vital to the welfare of the planet. All organic fibers used by Plover are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is dedicated specifically for fiber and textile handling and production…” and there is much more to read on their site about how they make their exceptional products.

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