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Sisal Rugs Direct

All kinds of natural fiber area rugs at affordable prices, some even without dyes. They offer a choice of bindings, including canvas, cotton, linen and others. You can choose your rug material, color, shape, border material, border color, and size. Choose 100$ sisal, sisal/wool. 100$ wool, jute, seagrass, hemp.

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Hook & Loom

Delightful area rugs in colors and patterns hand-woven on special looms from their unique recycled Eco Cotton or wool. “Handcrafted patterns and a unique springy feel lend cozy credibility to any room…Using our unique and innovative process, we create colored yarns from recovered textile fiber. Then we hand-weave our cotton rugs from this new yarn without dyes, chemicals, or latex. The result: delightful, durable rugs that last for years, and won’t bleed or fade in the washing machine. They’re soft on your feet and spectacular on your floor.”

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Area rugs and office chairmats made from both natural fibers—including jute, bamboo, seagrass, sisal and cork—and recycled materials (including recycled cotton). “A family business, we are founded on the principle that only sustainable uses of the earth’s natural resources can be tolerated. The astonishing renewability and versatility of natural fibers and recycled materials creates lots of new ecologically positive possibilities at a time when they are desperately needed. It’s our mission to bring these wonderful resources to as wide an audience as possible.”

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Crazy As a Loom Weaving Studio

One-of-a-kind area rugs, handwoven using leftover products of the textile industry, old blue jeans, and millends. She will also make rugs to order using your own fabric. Also bags and totes, stuffed monkeys, and an everchanging variety of handwovens shawls, baby blankets, kitchen towels and “whatever else my muse has decided to weave. All woven in the weavers home on old looms.

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Prairie Rugs

"The World's Finest Cotton Rugs." Heavy-wight, hand-made, washable cotton area rugs made from pre-consumer recycle rags acquired from textile mills in India, originally intended to make bedding. The rags are washed with a bio-degradable soap (no blech) then dyed using high quality low-impact organic dyes that are so safe, the residual dye water is used to irrigate vegetables and mango trees in the surrounding areas. The dyed strips are rinsed three times in separate tubs of fresh water to remove the residual dye and prevent color transfer, then dried in the sun. The colored rags are then woven by hand on manual looms. Made with heavy-duty materials to last for decades.

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Natural Area Rugs

Stylish area rugs made from natural fibers, including sisal, bamboo, wool, seagrass and mountain grass, and jute. Some unusual and interesting combinations, including wool/sisal and sisal combined with paper. Will send two swatches free on request, more can be ordered for a minimal fee. Throughout the site, comments made show thoughtfulness regarding toxic substances and environmental impacts. Good descriptions of the various materials used and how they are processed. Rugs are factory-direct at discounted prices.

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Earth Weave Carpet Mills

Broadloom and area rugs made from undyed, untreated wool. The wool is held in place by a hemp/cotton “primary”, a natural rubber adhesive, and a secondary backing made of natural jute. The result is a completely nontoxic, renewable and biodegradable carpet with no added chemicals. Carpets are tufted, textured loop construction. Yarns of various natural colors give interesting varigated textures in greys and browns. Carpet pad is wool needled into a cotton backing “We urge our customers to recycle it to the garden where it will safely biodegrade while serving as an effective weed barrier and mulch.

Listen to my interview with Earth Weave Carpet Mills Founder James Stinnett.

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