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Dharma Trading Company

This is one of my local California stores that has been around a long time—1969! They are basically a fiber art supply store, so there are a lot of things you may not be interested in, but I’m listing them here because fiber arts are about putting art on fabric and clothing, and they carry a good selection of natural fiber fabrics, clothing and other dyeables that can be used “undyed.” They have many types of cotton fabrics, including some organic and even 100% cotton for making sweat clothes, hemp and hemp blends, linen and linen blends, and many silk fabrics. Also extra wide natural fiber fabrics undyed for curtains or bedlinens. Clothing for babies, kids, women and men include such things as undyed cotton tank dress for only $16 and cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts for under $20. Clothing is not organic, but no dye and all sewn with cotton thread. Plus bags, wallets, totes. Yarns, lace, ribbons. Almost anything and everything. And they sell all kinds of dyes and markers (not all nontoxic) to make your own creations.

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Mountain Meadow Wool

“100% American made and Wyoming grown, high-quality wool products and yarn, created with eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers.” Purchase yarn and fiber for your own creations, blankets woven at the Faribault mill, and wool hoodies, hats, gloves, and mittens. All are variegated natural colors of the sheep wool.

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Swans Island Company

Blankets, throws, wraps, and accessories (also yarns) handcrafted from Maine-spun fleeces and hand-dyed yarns. “A Swans Island product means natural fiber, sourced to the highest possible standard, designed to be as timeless as the tides. * Much of our fiber is from local New England farms as well as domestic, family-run farms that have been caring for their flocks for generations. Our organic merino, sourced from South America, has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. * Fleece from those farms is custom spun for us by New England mills on trusty vintage machinery. From there, every skein of Swans Island yarn – whether destined for our looms, our machine-knit accessories, or your knitting needles – is dyed by hand in our Northport dye house. * Many of our yarns are dyed using naturally derived pigments like cochineal, indigo, and madder root. Others are skein-dyed with low-impact dyes. * We make each dye bath with unique recipes, expertly working the fibers in order to achieve our distinctive hand-dyed look and feel. * Many of our products are woven on traditional looms here in Northport; others are produced in partnership with American makers who share our belief in the value of a life built by hand.” Edges handwoven with 100% silk.

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Natural color wool yarns, from rare, natural-colored Merino sheep. Yarn designed by the shepherd and created at a small American mill. “Materials: wool, fiber, natural fiber, undyed wool, undyed fiber, USA materials, small farm materials, sunshine, grass, rain, made in USA, soil, farm.” Amazing!

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EcoButterfly Organics

A variety of organic cotton yarns, hemp yarns and natural beads and buttons. “We decided never to offer highly chemical processed synthetic rayon yarns just because they are made from natural bamboo, soy, corn, tencel, banana, milk etc. These natural fibers are made into a chemical soup and extruded like spaghetti to make the silky “rayon” yarns and they are nowhere near eco-friendly. GMOs (Genetically Engineered corn & soy) are also unacceptable. ”

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The Bamboo Fabric Store

Almost thirty types of bamboo fabric by the yard, 100% bamboo and 50/50 bamboo/organic cotton batting, and bamboo yarn for knitting. You could make bamboo clothing, bamboo mittens, a bamboo pillow…even a bamboo bed.  They also have links to goods made from bamboo fiber, and a link to another site in Australia with even more bamboo fabrics.


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New World Textiles

Offers “spinning fibers for handspinners, handweaving yarns for handweavers, and cotton-specific spinning and weaving tools for both.” Sliver for handspinning includes reclaimed denim from blue jeans, organic cotton, naturally colored cotton, organic cotton/linen blend, organic cotton/hemp blend, organic cotton/wool blend, plus other non-organic natural fibers. Yarns include organic cotton (unbleached, unprocessed or dyed with low-impact dyes), cotton/linen blend, recycled polyester, conventional dyed cotton, and rayon.

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Green Mountain Spinnery

A variety of organic wool and cotton yarns appropriate for hand knitting, weaving, and machine knitting. Their undyed yarns are well suited to home dyeing. Yarns have minimal processing, which “retains life” in the fibers. Their “greenspun” yarns are washed and spun with vegetable-based soaps and oils rather than the petroleum based products standard in the textile industry. No chemicals are used to bleach, mothproof, shrink proof, or remove chaff. “Our Mission is to produce and sell high quality yarns from natural fibers and design classic Vermont patterns. Transforming the many types of raw fibers into luxurious and long lasting yarn. The Green Mountain Spinnery helps to sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers.”

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