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Mobile glass containers with protective silicone sleeves allows you take glass containers anywhere without breaking. Drinking glasses, oven-to-table square food storage containers with lids, water bottles, and baby bottles all come with a silicone sleeves in a variety of bright colors. Great for carrying lunches and snacks wherever you go.

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Flaska Water Bottles

A reusable glass water bottle that is programmed with information that enhances the quality of the water inside. The end result is water that is restructured to be similar to spring water in it’s natural environment. The bottles are beautiful, with tight cork caps. The family-sized carafe is a gorgeous addition to any table (I had to have one). Protective sleeves come in many designs, materials include organic cotton and natural cork. NOTE: these bottles change the structure of the water, but do not remove pollutants. You need to start with clean water (I recommend using water from a PureEffect filter).

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Listen to my interview with Healthy Earth LLC President Bryan Mours. Healthy Earth LLC is the US distributor for Flaska water bottles

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The most beautiful reusable water bottles I’ve seen. Clear recycled glass, colorful silicone top, with a midsection taper and three silicone rings that match the top for good grip and comfortable grasp. It’s truly a work of art. The glass for their bottles is sourced on-site and made in North America using a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled glass. The bottles are made by skilled glass workers in Mexico. The food-grade silicone accessories are produced in Maine. “There is no plastic in the product or the packaging, a commitment to both health and the environment.”

Listen to my interview with BottlesUp Glass Founder Laurel Herter.

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Bamboo Bottle Company

Glass water bottles with a protective bamboo cover made from bamboo. There's plastic top and bottom ("To make this bottle what it is, it was impossible to avoid the use of plastic. That said, we're proud to use plastic that is BPA-free and dishwasher safe." — I called and it's nontoxic polyethylene.)

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Swiss-made aluminum reusable bottles that are "ultra-lightweight, durable, great looking, 100% recyclable and most importantly, safe." Bottles have a water-based, non-toxic, baked-on inner lining, that is certified by an independent institute (Nehring, Germany) and exceeds FDA requirements. Seamless construction from a single piece of pure (99.5%) aluminum makes these bottles virtually indestructible. These sleek "functional works of art" are part of the permanent Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art, and come in many colors and patterns.

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Polar Bottles

These double-walled, insulated reusable water bottles will keep your water cold for hours–without leaching of toxic chemicals. They are constructed of low density polyethylene (LDPE): a durable, lightweight, FDA food grade approved material that does not contain Bisphenol-A. Made in the USA. Has a wide mouth so it's easy to add ice cubes, and a "sport" top to make it easy to drink. Comes in a rainbow of cool colors, and is dishwasher safe (so you can sanitize it between uses).

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