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Touch Wood Rings

“Custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings”– a charming alternative to precious metals and gemstones for wedding rings, engagement rings, friendship rings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies or anniversaries. “Wearing a handcrafted wood ring will delight your fingers as well as your soul! Touch Wood rings are timeless, beautiful, durable, warm to the touch & light to wear. Artist and craftsman; David Finch works with the clients design, and his expertise and artistic vision to create a one of a kind wearable work of art. Website has information about choosing woods for their mythic and spiritual properties. Take a look and see how beautiful these rings are.

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Stunningly beautiful wedding and commitment bands made of recycled gold and created gems, in traditional. modern, and imaginative styles that reflect nature. It's founders knew that gold mining was devastating to the environment, but could find no environmentally responsible alternatives when they married. So they married without rings, and then started greenKarat to make their own. Their website contains background information on gold mining and why purchasing rings made from recycled materials can help the environment. Each rings comes with a "Green Assay" that tells it's ecological characteristics. "When gold is distributed into the jewelry making process, its legacy travels with it.

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Brilliant Earth

Engagement rings and wedding bands in classic styles, made with certified conflict-free diamonds and sapphires, and precious metals from renewed sources derived from recycled jewelry or industrial products (reclaimed and re-refined to produce gold and platinum of identical quality to newly mined metals).

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