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Toxic Free Zone

Sent every Tuesday, this newsletter contains:

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  • what’s new on all the Toxic Free Zone websites
  • new book announcements
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  • book reviews
  • and anything else that is new with me…

I’m adding new material to my website every week. By subscribing to this newsletter, you’ll keep up-to-date on almost everything I have to offer pertaining to toxic exposures and toxic-free products.

“Your newsletter always provides a welcome dose of positivity when many newsletters are full of nothing but bad guys and bad news.”

T.A., Lawrence, KS

“Reading this newsletter feels like reading an uplifting letter full of creative, homey suggestions from a dear friend.”

D.I. Bridgewater, NJ

“Debra comes across like your concerned best friend. She takes the time to share information that is best for all of us.” 

S.M. Troy, MI

“Your newsletter meets a need for sound, solid information without a commercial slant. Of all the newsletters I read this is one of the finest. The references are from solid sources.”

I.M. Hutchinson, MN.

“This is the best newsletter for those looking for small steps they can take to improve their family’s overall health and environment.”

M.N. Madison, GA

“Debra’s newsletters are a beacon of sanity amid the consumerist sea of today’s social think. They are simple, but provocative, and they appeal to my innermost nature. They are a guide and work book, a users manual in life the natural and safe way. Debra is changing the tides, and soon there will be more widespread understanding of the true basics of life the natural way.”

D.R. Glendale, CA


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Toxic Free Nutrition

Sent every Thursday, this newsletter is provides information and products that help you remove toxic chemicals from your body.

Each week there is a new article about some aspect of body detoxification or rejuvenation.


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Debra’s Home Cooking

This newsletter is currently on hiatus while I am constructing a new food blog website.

A few years ago, I started a website called Sweet Savvy that was about how to use natural sweeteners. At the time there was virtually no information on this, and now natural sweeteners have become quite popular. And my recipes were very well received.

Now I am expanding to include recipes for all foods, as well as background information about ingredients, cookware, and everything else that goes into safe, healthy, and delicious eating.

Sign up for this newsletter and you will be notified when the new site launches.

“This dessert feels like real food for my body.”

L.S. Dunedin FL

“These cookies are wonderful! The sweetness has a mysterious gentle quality.”

S.H. Concord CA

“Would you make a whole batch of these cookies just for me?”

L.R. (my ex-husband) Clearwater FL


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Words of Wisdom

Many years ago I became disenchanted with our modern industrial consumer culture and began to seek a more authentic life grounded in nature and spirit. On my quest, I found many others before me had walked the same path and had left words of wisdom for those of us who follow.

I have been collecting these quotations for over eighteen years and my collection now numbers nearly 2000. Rather than keep them to myself, I decided to spread them far and wide, with the wish that they will inspire others as they have inspired me.

“The daily quotes are an oasis in the grab bag of my email: a moment to stop, think beyond my immediate concern and breathe a bit deeper, slower and more peacefully. I treasure these quotes as a gift that I always pass along, forwarding to people that I think will be a special match for each.” L.G. Alameda, California

“As they say in French, these words go straight to your heart. You do not know how comforting and energetic they are for me.” L.C. Dakar, Senegal, Africa

“The quotes you send make me think in a whole new light about things I think I already know. I save the ones I am most interested in in a file on my computer to use when speaking on various subjects. I often wonder how it is that you come up with such gems! Thanks for the daily inspiration, thoughtfulness and celebration of life.” L.R. Boulder, CO

“I look forward to your words of wisdom. They brighten my day, renew my hope, square my shoulders and validate the gentle person inside me. Thank you.” C.K.R. Frankfort, Michigan