Where To Find Products on This Website

I have been recommending toxic-free products as a consumer advocate since I self-published a small book on the subject in 1982.

My first published book in 1984 was simply a directory of “Nontoxic & Natural” brand name products and mail order sources.

On this website I recommend products in a number of ways. I want to tell you where and how to find them and also how I’ve evalauated them in various ways.

Debra’s List

Debra’s List is a directory of websites that sell a selection of consumer products that have a low risk for toxic exposures. I’ve chosen these websites because they have a basic philosophy to eliminate toxics from their products, or they sell products that are nontoxic along with other products that are not. I am not recommending specific products on Debra’s List as much as I am pointing consumers to websites that sell products that meet the criteria stated on that directory. I cannot guarantee that every product on every website will always be toxic free, as products change fairly frequently. It is the responsibility of the reader to choose products that meet their own needs and standards. I accept no fees for standard listings on Debra’s List. I do accept fees from qualified websites for enhanced “premium” listings, and also for display ads that may appear on that blog, in other places on my website, and in my newsletters.

Toxic-Free Q&A

Toxic-Free Q&A is a question and answer forum that includes product and website recommendations by me and my readers. I moderate the Q&A and eliminate any obviously toxic recommendations or discuss them and explain why they are toxic. In the spirt of open communication I allow readers to make recommendations. These are not my personal recommendations, but I take responsibility for publishing them. I accept no fees for posts on this blog, but do accept fees for display ads placed there.

Debra Lynn Dadd Recommended Products

Debra’ Lynn Dadd Recommended Products is a product recommendation program where I evaluate individual products in detail. I write a Latter of Recommendation and Materials Review and license use of a logo that can be used on individual products to indicate my recommendation. Manufacturers pay fees for me to review product ingredients, write a report, and license fees to display my logo.

Call Me for a Personal Consulation

Personal Consultations with me are geared entirely to helping you choose the specific products that meet your needs. I draw upon products I have personal experience with or know of, and help clients evaluate products they bring to me.