With all the discussion about mattresses in this Q&A recently I am getting a lot of questions in comments about innerspring mattresses and EMFs. I want to respond to those questions here, so I have a post to link to whenever anyone asks. And you can refer people to this link if anyone asks you.

For some years there has been speculation that metal innerspring mattresses act as an antenna to attract and amplify EMFs. This supposedly would turn an ordinary innerspring mattress into a hotbed of EMF activity.

There is no truth to this. Even Dr Mercola has removed his article on the subject from his website and now sells mattresses with innersprings.

I looked into this several years ago and tracked down references. The “Scientific American” article that everyone referenced turned out to not be from Scientific American magazine at all, but a different blog called Scientific American. And it was all speculation.

To find out once and for all if this was true, I myself took a gauss meter to the home of a friend and measured EMFs in the room in general and then on his innerspring mattress. There was no difference.

Here are two videos that did the same experiment and got the same results as I did. They clearly show that a metal innerspring mattress does not attract or accumulate EMFs.

Manmade EMFs come from sources of live electrical currents around your home such as electrical wires running through your walls and lamps, TV, computers, clock-radio on your bed stand, etc. If you get an EMF detector and walk around your home, you will find that the readings change as you move from place to place. It is strongest near a source and weaker as you move further away.

If you wish to minimize your exposures to manmade EMFs while you are sleeping, you could find the place in your bedroom with the lowest EMF exposure and place your bed there.

If you are concerned about EMF exposure, do some research on sources of EMFs in your home and concentrate on removing or blocking the real source exposures to EMFs.

Choosing to not sleep on an innerspring mattress will NOT reduce your exposure to the actual source exposures of EMF in your home that are an actual danger.

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