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Hi Debra,

Thanks for the info on inner springs & emfs.

We hear things in our community, sometimes from people who are supposed to be “experts” in certain areas. We also get much conflicting info from such experts, some of them baubiologie trained.

I recently was told by one expert that $1500 I spent to have a grounding wire & other electrical work installed based on info from another expert who was trained to use the various meters to measure emfs & radiation, etc. was useless, & was given a whole other protocol to do.

At that point, I declined to have more work done til I know it’s valid & useful. The question is, how can we know the info & protocols we’re given are based on sound science?

My other question is: is solar electricity harmful & if it is, how can we protect ourselves when it becomes the only option for power in our neighbourhoods & towns, which is rapidly becoming the case here. Thanks so much.

Debra’s Answer

These are very good questions that I am not qualified to answer.

My field of expertise is toxic chemical exposure, not EMFs, though I get many questions on the subject.

The only way I know of to make an informed decision is to study a subject for yourself. And then you will know if the “expert” is saying something useful and correct. But we can’t all learn every subject and that’s why we have experts.

About your solar and EMFs question, I did a quick search and found that many people are saying that solar energy does have EMF problems. But is it more or less than grid energy? I don’t know. Anything that has anything to do with electricity involves EMFs. Just search on “EMFs and Solar” and read the different viewpoints.

As to what to do to protect yourself, that would require a solution for a specific installation.

Readers, feel free to answer if you are more knowledgeable on this subject.

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