Wednesday I’m leaving on a road trip to Los Angeles, where I will be staying in a standard hotel room for five nights while I attend a retreat for the business course I’ve been taking this year.

I’m bringing along my EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit Air Purifier to use in the hotel room.

Next week when I get back I’ll report on how well it worked to reduce all the toxic emissions typically found in hotel rooms.

Say tuned…


18 September 2018

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit worked great on our road trip to Los Angeles.

We stayed at the Crown Plaza hotel right next to LAX airport (not our choices, attending a conference) and we had no problems with air quality at all in our room, because we had our air purifier along.

The room itself was not the worst hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, but it did have all the standard toxic materials and fragrance piped into the hall ways. But we just plugged in the EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit, turned it on, and within minutes the air quality was completely comfortable for us.

And it was easy to take with us on a road trip. This is going to be standard equipment for us now for road trips. Now I just need to get EnviroKlenz to make one small enough to take on a plane.


It fit well in the back of our Prius. It’s no wider than a car seat.

It didn’t take up much room in the hotel room.

It was easy to put on the luggage cart (we laid the unit on it’s side to prevent it from rolling off the cart).