A few weeks ago I sent out a survey and at the end I gave respondents the opportunity to be sent the survey results.

A few days ago I sent the survey results to anyone who wanted them, and soon received this reply:

Still reading the wonderful compilation (and have to do other things today – will get back to it tonight) –

But I was saddened by the woman with severe MCS who is completely isolated. The comment that was really sad was she said her skin is shriveling up because she can’t use any lotions.

I hope you can write to her, or write a piece at some point, not only about the wonderful unscented products out there (I use Griffin Remedy in Bulgarian Lavender, but I know they make a completely unscented – not masked – product), but she could be using organic coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil, or just some fresh avocado on her skin. Lots of choices besides purchased products!

And most of the good texture in our skin comes from what we eat, not what we put on it. She could be getting more essential fatty acids in her diet I would guess.

So grateful for the work you do so people don’t have to suffer so much!

Love, D

I don’t have dry skin, so I don’t have personal experience with this. But something did come to mind.

Years ago I used a product that was made with a base of honey and it was my favorite skin care product ever. It had some other natural things mixed with it, but I could feel the healing properties of the honey. If I cut my finger, I put honey on it to help it heal. So I would suggest honey, or honey thinned with water.

Ah! I just looked this up and found:

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it’s retained it in the layers where it’s needed most for penetrating, long-lasting hydration. Try it: Spread one teaspoon raw honey on clean, dry skin, and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water.

Another post says honey is full of antioxidants and is great for slowing down aging.

I suggest getting raw organic honey because it will be more “alive” than supermarket honey.

If you do have dry skin, leave a comment on what you use that might be tolerable for someone with MCS.

Thank you.

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