Question from shayndel

I just bought a “nonstick eco friendly” pan called Bialetti Aeternum at Cole Hardware in San Francisco (an ACE hardware store). The information on the package is as follows:

“Nano-ceramic coating. Nano-ceramic is a water based coating made of titanium and suspended silicate micro-particles (the main components of glass), one of the purest, most ecological materials in nature. It’s cured at a very low temperature and can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees without deteriorating. It resists scratches and abrasions, and offers a smooth, compact and uniform surface that makes it easier to clean. It’s white color provides a unique and extraordinary cooking experience.

Heavy gauge aluminum interior provides excellent thermal conductivity and grauantees optimum heat distribution reslting in less energy required to maintain desired cooking temperature.

Hi-temp silicone exterior, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

** PFOA Free ** PTFE Free ** Cadmium free

Has anybody heard of this before? The pan is very smooth and glass-like. I haven’t cooked in it yet; am curious if this is something new and/or if anybody has heard of it/had any experience with it.

Debra’s Answer

I haven’t physically seen this pan, but the description sounds good to me.

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