Question from Daphna Rubin

Hi Debra,

We bought a Creamhaus (which we love) however, there’s no fence or playpen available that will fit the size of the mat. My husband even reached out to Creamhaus. We need to buy a new mat. Would you please recommend another non-toxic playmat.

Thanks so much!

Debra’s Answer

Well you are in luck today.

I just found an outstanding review of playmats, along with half a dozen recommendations for paymats that do not contain PVC or EVA foam (that outgassed formaldehyde)

MOMMY TO MAX: Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby Updated 2018

But you asked for one with a fence or playpen.

This is a product I have no experience with, but looking at photos it seems like fences are some kind of plastic (not mentioned in product descriptions)? And aren’t playpens made from plastic too?

Readers, what do you recommend?

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