Question from Ric

Hi, Debra. Thanks for all you do.

My family is pressing me to get a waffle iron, which I’ve been avoiding in an effort to stay away from teflon/PFOA. (We have a cast iron one that you hold over the stove flame directly, but it’s rather a hassle.) Anyway, now I see there is one from Oster with their “DuraCeramic” nonstick coating, which claims to be PFOA-free and PTFE-free:

Do you know anything about this nonstick coating, or any other “PFOA-free and PTFE-free” nonstick coatings that are appearing on the market?



Portland, Ore.

Debra’s Answer

wafflemaker I called Oster and they said that the finish is 100% lead-free ceramic. That’s all I can say without actually physically seeing it. I’m going to go buy one so I can make gluten-free waffles.

I have the cast iron one too and it’s just too difficult.

Best price today is $17.00 at amazon. Target has a search so you can see if they have it at your local store, order online, and pick it up at the store.

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