Question from Stephanie

Hi Debra,

First of all, I love all your emails and personal notes about you and Larry. Now I’m concerned if the fires are affecting you in any way. I know the smoke must be very bad. It is terrible here, by Modesto, and we aren’t even close to any fires!

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I did want to say again, and I have meant to respond to readers questions, about which air filters are the best. EnviroKlenz 100%!!!!

I started with Foust in the 1980’s, and have bought very expensive and cheap ones ever since. I could never really tell a difference until I got the EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit.

Everyone that lives in smokey areas should have an EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit in their home. Everyone.

I have 2 Mobile units and I’m purchasing another one for my niece next door with 2 little boys. The air can be thick with smoke outside, and I turn my unit on full blast, shut all windows, (and our home is not airtight), but I cannot smell the smoke at all. Nothing. It is absolutely wonderful!

It has helped me with smoke, with chemical exposures, and just having better air to breathe. I wish I had more time to give you more specifics Debra, but I don’t.

However, I did want to see how you and Larry, and his family are doing. And also to tell you about EnviroKlenz, so people will know what filter is best to get help with this smoke!! I highly recommend it.

It is the ONLY air purifier I recommend after 40 years of searching.

I would definitely recommend a person purchase the EnvirKlenz Mobile UV Model.  I have both models.  Two times we had water leakage in an older Mobile Home with water inside the walls.  Both times we put our UV Model in the area, turned it on full blast, and had No Problems with mold. We even had a mold inspector out to check the boards and inside the walls.  No Problem.

I would also like to add that when we had the chemical exposure in our home I had a brand new 02 Air Purifier and an AirPura Air Filter.  In 5 days, I had both running full blast in the room, and they did not touch the toxic smell at all.  I called Debra, and I received the original EnviroKlenz Mobile unit and within 24 hours the smell was almost gone, and within 48 hours we could breathe good air with no toxic smell whatsoever.  No Problems since.

I also had our home checked for EMF’s by a professional.  The AirPura had horribly high EMF’s and I kept it right next to my bed.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep!  The EnviroKlenz Mobile Unit EMF’s were next to nothing.  I can sit right next to it, No Problem.

I also want to relate our experience with the EnviroKlenz Breathing Masks.  My husband takes care of our 3 acre Almond orchard doing all weeding, etc., by hand since we do not use chemicals.  It is a dirty, dusty job.  Before we purchased the EnviroKlenz Breathing Masks he would get sinus headaches, be all stopped up, red eyes, the whole works whenever he worked in the field or yards.  Now he always wears the Breathing Mask when he’s outside working and he has absolutely No Problems.

I continue to be impressed with EnviroKlenz.  The smoky air in the California skies is terrible right now where I live, but at least I can come inside my home and be able to breathe because of the EnviroKlenz Air Filter.  Truly amazing!

Take Care.
Always fond thoughts of you.
Wishing you cool sea breezes,
with Love,
Stephanie Mills

Debra’s Answer

Thanks so much Stephanie.

We’re fine for the moment. We’re south of the Mendocino fires. But it’s clearly fire season now and we all need to be ready.

Get 20 percent discount by using promo code DEBRA20.

I also want to mention that EnviroKlenz also has a face mask that works a lot better than the usual particle face masks. I have mine ready and at hand in case it gets smokey here.

It utilizes the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology which has the ability to chemically dismantle a wide range of undesirable chemical compounds. The fibers of the mask can filter out many common particulates. Reduces exposures to fragrances, VOCs, pollen, dust, dander, odors, and more.The mask itself is odor-free.

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