Question from mjr

I have noticed that the caulk in my shower has been deteriorating much faster than I think that it should, needing replacement in a matter of a very few months. It actually bubbles up and spreads out from the caulk line in places. My husband likes to use Tilex Fresh Shower daily cleaner, and I sus pect this is the culprit. I am trying to get away from harsh chemicals. Do you have any suggestions for a safer product that would not “eat” my caulk and would still make him happy in keeping a clean shower?

Debra’s Answer

This product is made from alkyl polyglycoside, isopropyl alcohol, and some other nonhazardous ingredients not listed on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Alkyl polyglycoside is a new biodegradable mold-killer and surfactant, manufactured from fatty acids derived from corn or sugar beets. Though I could find no negative health effects for it, it is listed as a hazardous ingredient on the MSDS.

Isopropyl alcohol is just regular household alcohol that you would buy at the drug store.

I wouldn’t use this in a small, unventilated area like an enclosed shower.

There are some ideas for cleaning mold in showers at Q&A: How Do I Remove Mold from the Shower Floor Tile?.

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