These are the recycled paper notepads I use from Staples. (I don’t like spiral-bound notebooks).

This week I received TWO emails asking about paper office products after not receiving one questions about them in almost forty years of doing this work.

I’ve never addressed this because I’ve never noticed a need to. I buy various recycled paper pads at Staples and I’ve never noticed an odor.

Bonnie wrote this to me:

I have been sorting my old papers which I keep in paper 2 pocket folders. 2 types have solid colors, one with a smooth surface, the other less smooth. I have manila folders which I assume are safe. I have a bank of America folder which is glossy. Also have spiral college ruled paper notebooks. The front are solid colored and the back looks like cardboard.

The back has an odor. I was thinking to buy paper only next time. Are any of these toxic? Thank you.

This is from Mary:

I had been using Mead’s 5X7 150 page notebook to keep track of what I eat, how I feel, etc., but they smelled strongly of disinfectant and I had to air each one out page by page over many days.

I found these notebooks at OfficeSupply. They have no odor. I thought maybe your readers might like to know about them. I don’t knotice an odor with things like steno pads but I needed this style. They are only 120 pages though.

Anyone else having trouble with paper notebooks?

And anyone else have favorite sources for notebooks with no odors?

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