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Hi Debra,

With having MCS, I am looking for a bra. I have been wearing Playtex 18 Hour bra’s which has polyester,cotton,nylon, and spandex. Sad to say I wear my bra’s sometimes until they are really worn. One bra was worn until the spandex band that goes around my body was starting to come through and the spandex was irritating me.

Well, I found two different bra’s in the Gaiam Living magazine. The first one is an Unwired Bra which is 90% Swiss Organic cotton/10% spandex. The second one is a No-Wire Support Bra with Sorbtek fabric. I researched and found out Sorbtek, I believe, if I remember correctly, it said something like its synthetic fibers from polyester. I wanted to get one of these bra’s until I researched further and got this information.

I know its best to stay away from synthetic, so can you recommend a safe bra?

Thank you very much for the help.

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