Yes, there is a place on earth where there are no manmade EMFs.

Green Bank, West Virginia is in a National Radio Quiet Zone, “a 13,000–square-mile area where most types of electromagnetic radiation on the radio spectrum (which includes radio and TV broadcasts, Wi-Fi networks, cell signals, Bluetooth, and the signals used by virtually every other wireless device) are banned to minimize disturbance around the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, home to the world’s largest steerable radio telescope.”

Though this zone was created in the 1950s for telescopes, today people with EMF sensitivities find it to be a haven from the modern world.

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But will it last?

A couple of months ago, tight budgets forced the National Science Foundation to consider sitting down and deconstructing the Green Bank Telescope.

Even if that happens, perhaps the National Radio Quiet Zone could continue and the area could stay protected for those who need or want to live there.

And I propose adding to the regulations that there could not be any toxic chemicals, so all the farms would have to be organic, all the buildings nontoxic. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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