Toxic Free Living as an Act of Love


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Two Products to Start With


Make Your Home Toxic Free in Minutes

EK-air-space-nonameThe indoor air in a typical American home is filled with toxic chemicals from many sources. Even if you are using many natural products, if you have a television or computer in your home, it’s emitting toxic chemicals into the air every time you use it (and often even when it’s off).

The quickest way to remove the toxic volatile gasses and particles from the air in your home is to get an air purifier. I’ve got two for you to choose from that have the latest technology available. They don’t just remove toxic chemicals, they destroy them completely.


The Best I’ve Seen in 30+ Years of Reviewing Water Filters

undercounter_ultra-ucI think every home should have a water filter, and this is the best one I know of. If you are not filtering your drinking water, you are drinking toxic chemicals with every sip. Clean water is vital to your heath because drinking water (as opposed to other beverages) will flush toxic chemicals out of your body. Drinking tap water only adds more toxic pollutants to your body, and bottled water may contain plastic from the bottle and other unknown toxics. The most reliable source of clean, pure water is to have your own water filter. PureEffect Advanced Filtration is the brand I use in my own home. I chose it because it removes a wide variety of pollutants (some of which are not removed by most filters) at an affordable price. A water filter is one of the best investments you can make in your health.