The Toxic Free Body Blog is Now an eBook!


toxic-free-body-coverFrom 2011 to 2014, I wrote a blog post almost every week about how to detox toxic chemicals from your body and restore health with good nutrition.

After more than four years and 166 posts, I decided to stop publishing new posts on the blog to focus my efforts on eliminating toxics in consumer products, so these toxics don’t get into our bodies in the first place.

What I’ve learned from researching and writing this blog is there are many things each of us can do for ourselves to help our bodies detox. And you’ll learn about many of them in this ebook. This book is different from other books about detox because it is about how to remove toxic chemicals that have accumulated in your body. Most books on detox focus only on removing body wastes.

When I announced that I was not going to continue the blog and would be taking it down, a reader wrote and said, “Thank you. I would not have the health I have today were it not for your blog.” And he told me he was trying to print out all the pages. So I thought I’d better keep this valuable information available.

As I was working on the ebook I got a fresh look at everything I had written and I have to say, this is an amazing collection of information about detox. 166 posts. Almost 100,000 words. 395 pages. Searchable. Contents by category.

It was a pleasure to write this blog. I learned so much. And I know you will too.

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My Favorite Detox Products

The Best I’ve Seen in 30+ Years of Reviewing Water Filters

The first thing you neundercounter_ultra-uced to detox toxic chemicals from your body is a source of good clean drinking water. Drinking water (as opposed to other beverages) will flush toxic chemicals out of your body. Drinking tap water only adds more toxic pollutants to your body, and bottled water may contain plastic from the bottle and other unknown toxics. The most reliable source of clean, pure water is to have your own water filter. PureEffect Advanced Filtration is the brand I use in my own home. I chose it because it removes a wide variety of pollutants (some of which are not removed by most filters) at an affordable price. A water filter is one of the best investments you can make in your health. More…

The Everyday Detox

PureBodyx2-214x300Our bodies detox every day, and so should we. Pure Body Liquid Zeolite is easy, effective, and affordable. Just a few drops in water  each day is all you need. Within 4-6 hours, tiny particles of zeolite have picked up and eliminated a bit of toxic chemicals from your body, leaving negatively-charged particles such as beneficial minerals. When the dose is repeated several times daily over time, gradually the build-up of toxic chemicals is reduced and health is restored. Convenient drops and spray make it easy for anyone to start detoxing. Young or old, healthy or sick, anyone can take them, even newborns, even pets. Liquid zeolite is unique as a detox agent in that it removes toxic chemicals directly from your bloodstream, even if your body’s detox system isn’t functioning well. More…

Homeopathics for Detox

body-anewAnother detox product I take every day is Body Anew. I learned about it from my friend Pamela Seefeld, a registered pharmacist who has her own natural pharmacy. She’s been taking Body Anew for more than 15 years and she is one of the healthiest people I know. There are three bottles. One bottle works on the GI tract. One works on the lymph gland, resulting in a 40% increase in the lymphatic drainage. One works on the liver to regulates the detox function. Together they support the main detox functions of your body. Pamela also has other homeopathic remedies and natural products for detox that she can choose specifically for you. Call her for a free consultation. Tell her I told you to call. More…

Detox Aluminum While You Sleep

herbalix-logo-25Aluminum is a heavy metal that can cause many problems in the body. Herbalix Restoratives makes a line of detox products that you apply before bed, which pulls aluminum out of your body through your skin while you sleep. If you’ve ever worn antiperspirant with aluminum chlorohydrate, you may want to do this detox. Aluminum from antiperspirants goes right into your body through your skin and gets stored in your body. It bio-accumulates. Aluminum can’t get out of your body unless you detoxMore…


Professional Help for Detox

If you feel you need some professional to help with your body detox, I recommend
my very able and highly trained friend Wendy Myers at

Wendy and I completely agree that everyone needs to remove toxics from their body in order to be healthy. She has put together a tremendous collection of products and services that give remarkable results. Wendy has various tests that can identify many toxic substances in your body, and then she can give you a nutritional program to remove them. Plus much more.


Wendy Myers