I’m a big fan of eating fermented foods for probiotics instead of taking pure probiotic capsules, so I was pleased to see this post for Valentine’s Day that kissing transfers probiotics from one body to another.

A team of Dutch researchers found that the bacteria on the tongue of each member of the kissing couples was very similar to their partner’s and nothing like the bacteria on a stranger’s tongue. The more they kissed, the more similar it became.

They also did another test where they gave each participants a probiotic yogurt drink with a marker bacteria, then asked the couple to kiss. They found that a single kiss that lasted 10 second can deposit 80 million of the special marker bacteria from one tongue to another.

Apparently even if one half of the couple eats fermented foods, the other half gets the benefits.

Nature must really want our bodies to have probiotics.

Journal of Microbiome

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