Now that it’s getting to be summer, I just want to encourage you to grow something and eat from your garden. Even if only a few herbs in a pot, bringing your garden to your table is a delicious experience.

Last week I went shopping with my friend Joyce and we picked up a wonderful Italian cheese called burrata. It’s fresh mozzerella with cream inside. Oh so delicious. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby they usually have it. If you have an Italian delicatessen that makes their own cheese (like if you live in Manhattan), that’s the place to buy this.

I wanted the burrata to be the star of the dish and wanted only to enhance it, so I went to my garden and got a few lettuce leaves and chives, drizzled olive oil and local honey on top, and sprinkled a bit of cracked pepper on it.

It was so satisfying to taste my garden with the amazing cheese.

This is my idea of fast food for summer.

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